Land Adjacent to Jessamine Cottage, Llangrove

Land adjacent to Jessamine Cottage (18 units) Llangrove HR9 6ET

The developers plan to start with the first phase of development in the summer of 2020.


This will involve construction of the entrance and a section of internal road together with services which will include work in the public highway. That will be followed by construction of the first two homes which will be:


Unit 15, the one opposite the new entrance. This is a 3 bedroom Border Oak property with double garage and studio space. It is will be based on the well-known Pearmain design and very similar to their showhouse details of which are available on the Border Oak website


Unit 14, the one on the left of the entrance as you enter the site. This is a slightly smaller 3 bedroom property, also with double garage and studio space. It will be of local Herefordshire sandstone and also have an Oak frame with a vaulted ceiling.


The development will be marketed as “Walnut Field”. Further details will be provided once we have an agreed programme of work.

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