20 mph Speed Limit in Llangrove

Llangarron Parish Council have made provision within their budget in 2020/21 to cover the cost of initiating a 20 mph speed limit in Llangrove. The next stage of the process will involve a traffic survey to measure the speed of vehicles travelling through the village and this is likely to take place in the autumn. Assuming the evidence confirms that a speed limit is justified work will continue in conjunction with Balfour Beatty to effect its introduction. Currently, the Parish Council is planning to spread the cost of the work over this year and next but if any headroom is found within this years budget it may be possible to bring forward some work scheduled for next year. The Parish Council is fully committed to the 20 mph speed limit and will work hard to try to make it happen.

Joint statement from Ross-on-Wye Town Council and S&W Herefordshire NHS Primary Care Network

The latest Coronavirus (Covid-19) testing figures from Public Health England are showing an increase in positive tests in Herefordshire. The rate at which new cases are being identified is much higher here than in other parts of the country.  This suggests that the epidemic here has not yet reached a peak.
The map (from the Guardian, summarising testing numbers) describes 41.6 positive tests over the last 10 days, per 100,000 people. For our county of around 192,000 people, this represents an average of 8 people a day testing positive at present. Without access to testing for everyone, this is likely to significantly under-represent new cases of Covid-19.
Locally health services are aware of clusters of Covid-19 in Ross-on-Wye as well as other places in the county. We feel it is important that our community is aware that there are a growing number of cases in Ross, and the rate of infection in Herefordshire seems to be increasing. Being informed allows us to continue to take great care to protect ourselves and people around us. We strongly encourage people to reduce their own and others’ potential exposure to the virus wherever possible.
Daniel Lister
Mayor of Ross-on-Wye
on behalf of Ross-on-Wye Town Council
Dr Simon Lennane
GP and Clinical Director, South & West Herefordshire NHS PCN
Coronavirus survey:
The Ross-on-Wye Coronavirus survey also gives local health professionals information about the level of possible symptoms in our community. The more replies we get, the more valuable it becomes, especially if people regularly complete it with or without symptoms.  The survey can be accessed from www.rosscdt.org.uk . The responses are available for all to see. A survey such as this cannot pick up all cases, but it remains important to look out for a local spike in symptoms. We would ask all local residents to complete it twice a week for themselves, and to encourage others to do so.

Be A Good Neighbour While Staying at Home

Consider how your activity at home may impact neighbours

Everybody is now staying away from others to reduce the spread of Coronavirus. While we spend our time at home, it is important to remember that our neighbours are at home too. Here are some tips on how to be a good neighbour while we spend this extended time at home.

Garden waste

We have revised our waste collection service to prioritise the collection of general rubbish and recycling. Do not burn your garden waste, as the smoke can aggravate respiratory difficulties of those suffering from Coronavirus and other illnesses. Instead you could manage your garden waste at home in the following ways:

  • Cut and Drop – Don’t collect grass cuttings unless you intend to use them for home composting, simply cut the grass without the collector on.
  • Create a compost heap – No matter the size of your garden you should have space for a heap. If not use a low cost home composter to keep the garden tidy.
  • Create a wildlife habitat or bug hotel with thick branches and wood.
  • Use a licensed garden waste disposal service

Outside noise

You should also be mindful of the noise that you make while at home:

  • In the garden – Noise travels further from outside.
  • Stereos and TVs – Position the TV and speakers away from your neighbour’s wall and raised off the floor if possible. Ensure bass levels are turned down, as this will carry further.
  • Dogs – Constant barking or whining from a dog can be disturbing to neighbours. Try not to leave your dog outside on their own, as dogs may bark because they are lonely or unhappy.
  • DIY – Don’t mow your lawn or start DIY too early or late – you may be an early riser or a night owl, but others may not be!

You can keep up-to-date with how the Coronavirus is affecting council services by visiting www.herefordshire.gov.uk/coronavirus

Land Adjacent to Jessamine Cottage, Llangrove

Land adjacent to Jessamine Cottage (18 units) Llangrove HR9 6ET

The developers plan to start with the first phase of development in the summer of 2020.


This will involve construction of the entrance and a section of internal road together with services which will include work in the public highway. That will be followed by construction of the first two homes which will be:


Unit 15, the one opposite the new entrance. This is a 3 bedroom Border Oak property with double garage and studio space. It is will be based on the well-known Pearmain design and very similar to their showhouse details of which are available on the Border Oak website https://www.borderoak.com/oak-frame-homes/case-studies/border-oak-show-house


Unit 14, the one on the left of the entrance as you enter the site. This is a slightly smaller 3 bedroom property, also with double garage and studio space. It will be of local Herefordshire sandstone and also have an Oak frame with a vaulted ceiling.


The development will be marketed as “Walnut Field”. Further details will be provided once we have an agreed programme of work.

Herefordshire Council – Support To Those Affected by Flooding

Herefordshire Council, as the Lead Local Flood Authority have announced the launch of hardship schemes to residents and businesses whose homes or businesses have been flooded.

Following heavy rainfall over recent weeks, Herefordshire experienced significant surface water and river flooding during October and November 2019. Herefordshire Council staff and our contractors Balfour Beatty Living Places, together with the emergency services and voluntary sector organisations, dealt with a large number of road closures, flooded properties, stranded people and abandoned vehicles.

As part of our response, we are launching a Community Flood Recovery Grant worth £500 to each affected household. In order to qualify for the assistance, flood water must have entered the habitable areas of their property, or the residence has been considered unliveable for any period of time due to flooding.

Alongside this is a Business Flood Recovery Grant, which will provide up to £2,500 per eligible small and medium-sized business. To qualify, businesses must be able to evidence that they have been directly impacted or have directly suffered a loss of trade as a result of the flooding that cannot be recovered from insurance.

Richard Ball, Director of Economy and Place, said: “We appreciate that this has been a difficult time for residents and businesses but the resilience and response of local people and public services has been excellent.

Applications for our hardship schemes will open this week and we would encourage everyone who is entitled to make an application.

“We held a drop-in session in Hereford yesterday and would urge anybody whose home or business has been flooded to attend today’s or next week’s drop-session to find out more about the support that is available.”

The drop-in sessions are:

  • Tuesday 10 December; 3.30 – 6.30pm; Hereford Rowing Club, 37 Greyfriars Ave, Hereford HR4 0BE
  • Tuesday 17 December; 3.30 – 6.30pm; Ewyas Harold Memorial Hall (lounge), Pontrilas Rd, Ewyas Harold HR2 0EL

Council tax reduction and Business rate reduction is also available for properties affected by the recent floods. Please email counciltax@herefordshire.gov.uk or businessrates@herefordshire.gov.uk or phone 01432 260360 for more information.

To find out more and to apply for funding please visit www.herefordshire.gov.uk/floods