Council Business

Councillors are summoned to attend a Parish Council Meeting


Tuesday 28th September 2021


Llangarron Village Hall

Starting at 19.30hrs


  1. To receive apologies for absence


  1. To receive declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation


  1. Minutes – To agree the minutes of the Parish Council meetings held on Tuesday 29th June 2021 & 15th July 2021.


  1. Open Discussion – To receive views from residents on parish matters. (This period will be restricted to 10 minutes. Please note that decision cannot be made at this meeting in items not on the agenda).

4.1 – To receive a report from the Ward Councillor.


  1. Footpaths

5.1 – To receive a footpaths report from the Footpaths Officers.

5.2 – To consider footpaths work to be carried out by the Footpaths contractor as outlined in the latest schedule.


  1. Lengthsman – To consider work to be carried out by the Lengthsman.


  1. Highways

7.1 – To receive a report on highways matters for reporting to Balfour Beatty concerning road issues in the parish.

7.2 – To consider funding a replacement for the “missing” village sign in Llangrove.

7.3 – To provide a brief on Herefordshire Council’s proposed “Capital Injection Options for Road Network Improvements” and to seek support from the Parish Council.


  1. Clerk Correspondence


  1. Planning – To consider commenting on the following planning applications:

9.1 – Planning Consultation 212235 – The Old Chapel, Llangrove, Ross-on-Wye, HR9 6EY. Privacy fence on top of existing wall and balcony. Retrospective.

9.2 – Planning Consultation 213023 – The Former Butts Garage, Llangarron, Ross-on-Wye, HR9 6PA. Proposed erection of a single residential dwelling (C3) and private driveway.

9.3 – Planning Consultation 213168 – The Horse Shoes, Llangarron, Ross-on-Wye, HR9 6NQ. Proposed conversion of existing outbuildings and link to existing house.

9.4 – Planning Consultation 213169 – The Horse Shoes, Llangarron, Ross-on-Wye, HR9 6NQ. Proposed conversion of existing outbuildings and link to existing house. Listed Building Consent.

9.5 – To respond to the invitation from the Hereford Riding for the Disabled for comments on their proposal for a new site in Llangrove.

9.6 – To note the response from the LPA to concerns raised about the Land North of the Royal Arms, Llangrove (182775 & 200794) and consider whether any further action is appropriate.


  1. Finance

10.1-To note the current bank balance.

10.2 To approve the following payments:

10.2.1 – Clerk’s salary in accordance with employment contract (August & September 2021)

10.2.2 – PAYE –August & September 2021- £274.40

10.2.3 – Postage – £7.92

10.2.4 – Lengthsman (TGC1606) – £470.40

  • –Herefordshire Council Recharges for Parish Council Election – £3,560.57
  • – Installation of bench in Llangrove (Material Costs) – £104.00
  • To approve retrospectively the following payments made in July 2021.

10.3.1– Clerk’s salary in accordance with employment contract (July 2021)

10.3.2 – PAYE – July 2021 – £137.20

10.3.3 – Autela Payroll Services – £50.40

10.3.4 – Kirkwells (NDP) – £882.00

10.3.5 – Lengthsman (TGC1570) – £470.40

  • To approve retrospective payments made in 2020.
  • To provide an update on the budget allocated for the 20-mph speed limit in Llangrove.

10.6     To provide feedback from the recent FWG meeting including financial monitoring 2021/22 and a draft budget & precept for 2022/23.


  1. NDP – To note the NDP has now progressed to the examination stage of the process.


  1. Environment
    • To receive an update on flooding issues since the last meeting.
    • To provide an update on the flooding issue affecting a resident living in Llancloudy.
    • To approve Parish Council participation in the Great Collaboration Scheme.
    • To receive an update on the Herefordshire Green Network.
    • To provide a brief on the work and objectives of the ACEG group[1] which proposes that the Parish Council declares a climate emergency.
    • To provide a briefing on the guide issued by Herefordshire Council on riparian responsibilities.


  1. Training – To review the HALC training schedule and identify any courses of interest to Councillors.


  1. To note the date of the next Parish Council Meeting as Tuesday 26th October 2021.



Mark Hearne
Parish Clerk
Llangarron Parish Council                                                                          Date September 2021

[1] Action on the Climate Emergency for Future Generations (ACEG)