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  1. Llangarron Parish Boundaries, Green Spaces, Hedgerows, Verges and footpaths-16 Oct ‘19

    Firstly I would thank all those involved in producing these and please accept my notes as comments and not criticism of the effort or time put in to produce them.

    As a general comment I note that the title for a number of the plans is the ‘settlement boundary’ however the key on all of the plans uses the phrase ‘development boundary’. Please can I ask if they are the same and if so can it be made clear that they are.

    Llancloudy Boundary
    I congratulate the Parish Council on providing a set of proposals for the boundary for this settlement. While I can understand the intention to include the major part of the dwellings within the boundary, I feel that I could not support the inclusion of the houses that are slightly isolated and are down a private road. I support Option A for the Llancloudy boundary.

  2. I am grateful to see that the proposed boundary has been kept to the “centre” of the village. I strongly believe that agricultural land should not be used for development, but preserved for future generations.

    AECOM report
    I am not sure I agree with this report. Surely the access onto A466 is not suitable, it is a fast road, has blind spot and floods. Local employment is limited, bus service is very limited for travel to work and some schools ( St Weonards primary school being too close for school transport), and no safe footpaths, making it essential to have your own vehicle, thus causing increasing extra traffic on an already burdened road. There has been a road fatality in the village (my grandmother) and do not wish to see a repeat of this tragedy.

    Commenting on all hedgerows – all should be protected for wildlife and the environment.

    We have to get this right, one village has already spiralled out of control, we do not want to spoil all of our beautiful countryside!

  3. Dear Sirs
    I would like to register my concerns for what I consider a lack of detailed investigation on behalf of the AECOM report on the effects of creating any new vehicle access to the A466 to accommodate any new housing projects in the hamlet of Llancloudy
    Worryingly this proposed access has a blind approach from both the Monmouth and Hereford direction and is particularly prone to flooding on the Monmouth blind bend approach this happens to some degree whenever we have significant rainfall due to the road being at the bottom of a “ natural basin “ with the fall of the landscape from the south west and east ,also the steep gradient of the A 466 from the Monmouth direction picks up run off from adjacent farmland .Detritus washes down and blocks the drains creating deep standing water added to by the overflowing brooks inability to accept more water
    Recently the same road section was entirely inaccessible to traffic following a deluge which produced a “ Silt Wash Out “ depositing several tons of top soil from fields above by run off directly onto the A466 from the Chapel Lane ( SeePhotos by separate attachment) . Silt runoff occurs at some level whenever we have significant rainfall an increasingly frequent event ,the flooding in June being the worst so far
    Also there has already been an unfortunate road fatality in this section of road and several other motor vehicle accidents which the AECOM should of been aware of in their consideration
    I also feel the percentage “ New Build Allocation” which was first suggested in the original Village Plan has already been met and and consideration to preserving the country side and rural life should be foremost in any future development decisions

    David George


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