Minutes 10th May 2018


Minutes of an extraordinary meeting of the Parish Council held on
Thursday 10th May 2018 at 7.00pm in Llangrove Academy


Councillors: Stewart Morehead (Chairman), Andrew McRobb, Adrian Hitchen, Paul Lodge, Judy Turner, Liz Wright

In Attendance
Lynda Wilcox (HALC)
105 Local Residents

1. Apologies for absence were received from:

1.1 Barbara Fisher, Terry Thomas
1.2 The resignation of Michael Jones was noted

2. HALC admin cover for the meeting @ £150 + mileage
It was RESOLVED to access HALC admin cover for the meeting at a cost of £150 + mileage

3. To receive declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation
Adrian Hitchen declared a DPI (Disclosable Pecuniary Interest) item 5.1.3

4. Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)

4.1 Proposals from planning consultants for completing the NDP process. Of the planning consultants approacjed, one (Data Orchard) had declined to take on the final phase of the NDP, the second (David Nicholson) did not have the capacity to undertake another contract at the current time, but the third (Kirwells) was available and had sent an offer of service. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties it had not been possible to open the electronic offer for the meeting. Lynda Wilcox commented that Kirkwells was one of the main planning consultants working across Herefordshire and was know to be very helpful and cost effective. It was RESOLVED to be minded to formally appoint Kirkwells at the next Parish Council meeting, once costs were known and to request their ttendance at the next PC/NDP meeting in June.

4.2 Paperwork for the next grant application .. It was RESOLVED to access the relevant paperwork for agreement at the next meeting once costings are known.

4.3 Printing costs of the NDP leaflet drop by volunteers to each household @ £150 … It was RESOLVED to print the leaflet.

4.4 Pre application information on development of land opposite the Llangrove Public House

4.5 Views of local residents … OPEN SESSION… Detailed views on the NDP were expressed and these would be captured on comments sheet for consideration by the next Extraordinary PC/NDP meeting.

5. Planning:

5.1 It was RESOLVED to support the following three applications for determination by Herefordshire Council

5.1.1 Application P181445/F Brook House. Proposed conversion of existing studio and store to form a holiday let.

5.1.2 Application P181378/FF Dovetail Llangrove. Proposed construction of a double garage

5.1.3 Application P181343/F Lower Herberts Hil Land to the west of Farr Cottages Llangarron. Proposed erection of 8 No, 2 storey dwellings compromising of 4 No. 2 bed houses, 1 No. 3 bed houses and 3 No. 4 bed houses with a associated highways and landscape works. PC additional comments in addition to supporting the application. It was requested that Herefordshire Council looks very closely at drainage and road safety issues. It is suggested that a right of way at the junction at the bottom of the hill might be beneficial in relation to road safety.

5.2 The following planning permission by Herefordshire Council was noted

5.2.1 Application P180905/F…. Yew Tree House Llangrove. Application for variation of condition 2 of planning permission P163815/F.

6. Date of the next Extraordinary PC/NDP Meeting
It was RESOLVED to confirm a date at the next scheduled meeting when the availability of Kirkwells is known.

7. Date of the next scheduled meeting: Tuesday 29th May at 7.30pm