Minutes 18th April 2017

A meeting of Llangarron Parish Council was held on Tuesday, 18th April, 2017 at Llangrove Village Hall at 8.00pm with Mr J. Joseph in the chair.


Present at the meeting were Councillors Bailey, Bainbridge, Fisher, Hitchen, Joseph, Thomas, and Turner and there were three members of the public present. Also present was the previous clerk Jenny Bailey.

Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Cooper, Morehead, Jones, Wright and Ward Councillor Swinglehurst.

Public Participation

Mrs J. Bailey raised the issue of the Neighbourhood Plan. There is to be a meeting of the Steering Group the following day on 19th April.

Declaration of Interest.

Mr Bailey, being a personal friend of Mr Edward Lane whose planning application170909 is to be considered at this meeting.

Minutes of the Last Meeting

The minutes of the Meeting held on 28th March, 2017 having been previously circulated, were taken as read, confirmed and signed as a true and correct record by the Chair.

Matters Arising
Other matters

Planning Decisions: None received.

Contract for clerk, training by HALC for CiLCA qualification and purchase of current edition of Local Council Administration book at £92 from HALC all agreed.

Drainage at Tre-Essey Farm and Sexty’s Farm. Clerk to chase up via David Atkinson.

SID Awaiting Freemans to re-install.

Freemans have cleared blocked drains in Llangrove School.

New access adjacent to U71209. Reported to Marstow Parish Council who will investigate.

Parish Lengthman. A letter of thanks received from Mr Manser in respect of work carried out by Terry Griffiths. No report from Terry Griffiths for discussion.

A sum of £2,924.80 received from Herefordshire Council which was reclaimed for PLS and P3 contract for 2017/18. Contract for 2017/18 received from Herefordshire Council – to be signed by chair.

Highways Old Matters

CC1248 Clerk requested to invite HFDS Councillor Paul Rone to visit the route to discuss its deplorable state.

Highways New Matters

Damage has been done to Stone Bridge. Clerk to contact David Atkinson at Balfour Beatty and request repairs.

Footpaths Officer

Councillor Fisher reported that Sexty’s Wood gate had been repaired. A poster for dogs is not yet available. Discussion took place on replacing styles with kissing gates. BF to investigate costs.

Planning Application

Application no. 170909 – Land adjacent to The Butts, Llangarron. The Parish Council called for more information as plans did not give much detail of this development. The following points were raised. 1. The splay did not allow vehicles to be driven in and out and to turn around in the property without the need to reverse onto the public highway which is narrow at this point. This would be potentially dangerous to other road users. The house could be constructed further back on the site to allow a larger driveway. 2. The height of the house should not exceed the height of the neighbouring cottages. As the site is sloping this could be achieved by siting further back. The design of the house does not fit in with the other houses in the village and should be re-styled to be in sympathy with other nearby houses. 3. It was not considered desirable to reduce the height of the hedges on the other side of the road. 4. There is a substantial run-off of water from the fields opposite and storm drains would need to be in place to avoid flooding. It was decided to refuse permission, but to invite for the submission of a revised plan.

Neighbourhood Plan

There was a lengthy discussion. Members of the steering group were upset by some negative and personally hurtful comments that had been received through social media. It was thought that there was a lack of understanding by some local residents of how the process of the Core Strategy worked. The 6 weeks consultation period has come to an end. The steering group were due to meet and it was hoped that the plan had not been derailed by recent events. This would be a much worse outcome for the area. A meeting of the steering group to be held on 19th April which will be attended by Councillor Fisher and Jenny Bailey who had requested that members of the council get behind and support the steering group. This was approved. It was agreed that when the Steering Group had reviewed and made arrangements in line with issues raised in the consultation, an extended public participation session would be held to allow residents’ Qs & As.

Finance – Receipts

A receipt of £4,750 was received from Herefordshire Council in respect of the Period 1 precept for 2017-18 on 19th April, the day after the meeting.

Finance – Payments

It was agreed to renew the HALC subscription of £679.73 and to increase the petty cash float to £30.

Bank Signatories

The clerk agreed to be an additional signatory in place of the previous clerk.


The audit procedure and the Annual Governance Statement was agreed and approved.

Parish Freighter

It was agreed to approve payment of £395 prior to 28th October, 2017.

Hfds Council

The code of conduct noted very little change. HALC advice is to implement at next meeting.

Llangrove Bus Shelter

The Parish Council is currently awaiting a response from the Whitchurch and Llangrove Scout Group.

Adoption of BT payphone

This payphone kiosk in Llangarron is to be given by BT. Contract still awaited.

Correspondence Received

A letter has been received from Hill Farm, Llancloudy which erroneously assumes that the parish council are in agreement with their development plans. As the council has, as yet, no details of any proposals it cannot support them. It was agreed that the steering group would discuss this matter at their meeting to be held on 19thApril, 2017. This proposal is outside the scope of the Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Elissa Swinglehurst Q & A’s

Ward Councillor Swinglehurst being absent, this was deferred to the next meeting.

Any other Business

Councillor Hitchen reported that his wife suggested that council agendas be put on facebook. There was some dissent to this from Councillors. Councillor Joseph stated that it can lead to social media bullies being abusive to councillors and it would not be welcome. It was stated that facebook is a business and not a public service. The clerk stated that he had no objection to providing Llangarron info and Llangrove info with copies of the agenda although it was already posted on three noticeboards and the Parish council website for all to see. Mrs Hitchen wanted to see more involvement in parish affairs from members of the public. They already have the right to participate in meetings for 15 minutes, but rarely attend.

There being no further business, the Meeting was closed by the Chair at 9.26p.m.

The date of the next Meeting to be Tuesday, 30th May at Llangarron Village Hall