Minutes 23rd February 2016

A Meeting of Llangarron Parish Council was held on Tuesday, 23rd February, 2016 at Llangrove Academy at 8.00 p.m. with Mr. P.J. Bailey in the Chair.


Present at the Meeting were Councillors Bailey, Bainbridge, Cooper, Fisher, Hitchen, Jones, Joseph, Morehead and Turner.   Also present was Herefordshire Ward Councillor for Llangarron, Ms. E. Swinglehurst and there were 4 members of the public present.

Apologies of absence received from Councillors Hayward and Wright and Ross on Wye Police.



Mr. T. Griffiths – concern re horse riding in the area – lack of visibility, double riding, night riding and horses not trained to be on roads.


Declaration of Interest

Mr. P. Bailey – Payment to Clerk re Petty Cash.


Minutes of the last Meeting

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 26th January, 2016 having been previously circulated, were taken as read, confirmed and signed as a true and correct record by the Chairman.


Matters Arising

Planning Decisions:

153517 – Proposed erection of single storey timber building to be used as an extension to the existing cattery at Upper Park, Llangarron, Ross on Wye, Hfds.  for Miss F. Bailey.   Planning Permission Granted.

153557 – Proposed new dwelling from barn conversion with ancillary annexe accommodation at Tump Barn, Three Ashes,  Ross on Wye, Hfds. for The Owner/Occupier. Planning Permission Granted

153800 – The Granary, Biddlestone – Miss Turner reported on a letter of support that had been submitted on Hfds. Council web site in respect of this Planning Application and references made therein to suggest misconduct.  The Parish Council had done nothing improper as Miss Turner was not a Councillor when her Planning Application 153028 had been considered.


 Other Matters:

Conclusion of elections – Clerk confirmed that all necessary documents signed by Mrs Wright and returned to Hfds. Council.   There was now a full Council.


Highways ‑ Old Matters: 

Up Dates 

Speed Reduction in Llangrove – Mrs Fisher and Miss Turner had met with Councillors Rone and Swinglehurst in Llangrove to discuss the possibility of moving Llangrove up the ranking list for speed reduction request.  Mrs. Fisher confirmed that the village met none of the criteria in place and so would have to wait until village moved to top of list.  Clerk to write to residents who recently raised issue and also place report on notice boards, etc.  Thanks were given to those who had attended the meeting.   It was noted during the meeting with Councillor Rone that he had inspected yellow lines and had put in request for them to be redone.  With regard to SID it was noted that nothing could be done until further contact from Freeman Homes.  It was hoped this would be in place by year end.

Flood issues at Tre Essey – noted that David Atkinson had visited the site and met with Messrs. Davies and Williams and given advice to them.  The residents were now in the process of making contact with Balfour Beatty land drainage team to take matter further.

Parish Lengthsman –   The meeting was opened to allow Mr. Griffiths to take part in the discussion.  The Clerk reported that she had met with Mr. Griffiths and resolved matter of incorrect road numbers on invoice which were typing errors.  She had also gone through list of proposed works with Mr. Griffiths and a list of estimates submitted to Councillors for agreement.  Instructions had been given on all works apart from extra work at Upperfields Crossroads.  Mr. Griffiths had now submitted invoices totalling £1,017.60 for some of the work completed with further invoices to come.  At the proposal of Mr. Bainbridge and seconded by Miss Cooper it was agreed to pay invoice.  With regard to extra job at Upperfields, agreed to leave until March meeting to give instructions. With regard to next year, Clerk given instructions to complete on same lines as previous year.  Mr. Griffiths confirmed his rates would remain the same.  It was noted that Balfour Beatty had indicated that the rate of grant would start to reduce to a zero rate in 2020.

Trewen Flooding – Mr. Jones queried this and the fact that continual flooding caused major pot holes at this point.  Noted that this work was in the hands of Balfour Beatty to connect up drainage to ease situation.

C1248 Thorne Crossroads to Llangarron – Mr. Joseph raised this issue again and despite Balfour Beatty stating in October 2015 that this road would be added to the risk register for inclusion in annual plan, Councillor Swinglehurst confirmed that not a single road in Llangarron Ward was included for resurfacing treatment in the plan recently released.  Agreed Clerk to write to Mr. A. McDonald of Balfour Beatty and request answer as to why it was not included.  Also agreed that residents should be encouraged to report damage to cars occasioned on this road, so that a clearer picture could be built up.

Whitchurch road at Hilltop – Mr. Jones raised concern that water still going across road and causing ice hazard.  Agreed Clerk to write to Whitchurch Parish Council with a copy to David Atkinson asking for investigation into this.


Highways New Matters

Road closure – Discussion took place re forthcoming road closure from Whitchurch to Llangrove and the complete lack of consultation.  It was noted that local resident Mrs. Pridgeon had contacted contractors and had got diversion changed to a more appropriate route.  Chairman extended thanks to Mrs. Pridgeon.

Llancloudy issues – in her absence Mrs. Hayward submitted list of defects.  Pot holes to be reported by Clerk.  Blocked drain to be looked at by Mr. Griffiths.  Mud on road at Parklands – now resolved.

Stoney Bridge Lane – Mr. Morehead reported flooding at top of lane and the fact that there was a lot of mud/debris on the road which needed cleaning.  Mr. Griffiths to inspect and submit quote.

Pot Holes – noted that all residents can report on Hfds. Council web site and these were passed over on a daily basis to Balfour Beatty.



Footpath Officer – Mrs. Fisher advised she had prepared schedule of works and David Atkinson had been out to assess.  It was now a matter of report being processed and materials sent out for EnviroAbility to complete works.  Concern was expressed that there was too much time delay and again danger of not completing works in time for reclaiming grant.  Agreed Clerk to write to Mr. A. McDonald and express concern of Parish Council.

LG 46 and LG47 – Clerk had liaised with Mr. W. Steel, Public Rights of Way Officer at Balfour Beatty who had confirmed it was in order to spend P3 on getting scalpings, etc. to repair these Byways.  She had obtained quotes from Wye Valley Metals at £12.50 per tonne for scalpings plus VAT.  The residents had indicated that they were prepared to pay for Mr. Griffiths to level and roll in the scalpings if Parish Council would pay for scalpings up to 60 tonne.  Agreed that Clerk, Mr. Griffiths and local residents would meet on site with representative from Wye Valley to ascertain what could be done. 


Planning Applications                     

160068 – Proposal to remove existing stables and hay store and construct a new stable block for 10 horses with tack room.  Change of use of agricultural barn for indoor arena and proposed lean-to for storage.  Formation of an outdoor ménage at Merediths Barn, Llancloudy, Hfds. for Mr. C. Whitworth.  A letter submitted by Mrs. Hayward in her absence was detailed to meeting.  The Parish Council have no objections to this Planning Application.

 160257 – Amendment to approved scheme P150911/F to raise plot 6 by 200 mm at Hazelnut Cottage, Llangrove, Ross on Wye, Hfds. for The Owner.  The Parish Council object to this Planning Application on the basis that there is no justification in the Planning Application for the changing roof height which has always been a very sensitive issue.

 160341 – Proposed replacement dwelling (within existing ground boundaries due to old cottage which was burnt out/down) at Collinsbill Cottage, Llangarron, Ross on Wye, Hfds. for Mr. A. Heal.  The Parish Council object most strongly.  It is not a replacement, it is much larger than original cottage in height and footprint and would dominate skyline.


Neighbourhood Plan                       

The Clerk advised that Steering Group were meeting the following evening to move project further.



At the proposal of Miss Cooper and seconded by Mr. Joseph agreed to pay BOSS £87.60 in respect of Computer supplies; Mrs. J. Bailey £10 in respect of Petty Cash and Hall Hire as follows: Llangrove Academy £60, Llangrove Village Hall £69, Llangarron Village Hall £105.


Annual Parish Meeting

Noted this was scheduled for 22nd March, 2016 at Llangrove Academy starting at 7.30 pm.   Speaker was Mr. Haydn Cullen-Jones of Transitions Monmouth who would speak on the issue of Potential Fracking.  The Clerk had sent out Notices and there would be no Agendas sent out.   All encouraged to attend.  There would be refreshments served.


Correspondence Received

All items had been e mailed by Clerk to Councillors.  She suggested that Councillors should advise her if they wanted any items received placed on agenda for further discussion.

 Mrs. Fisher raised the issue of Queen Elizabeth 90th Birthday Clean Up which had been circulated.  Agreed this item would go on next Agenda.  Mrs. Fisher to obtain more information.


Any Other Business

Mrs. Fisher raised the condition of the Lavender Cottage Building site – agreed Parish Council could do nothing on this until owners were ready to start.

 Mrs. Fisher reported a lot of residents in Llangrove were experiencing problems with dog mess not being picked up – Clerk to do notices for notice boards and newsletters.

Mr. Jones raised the item of new access being put in at Prospect Lane where new house being built.  Clerk to check with Planning Officer.



There being no further business, the Meeting was closed by the Chairman at 9.30 p.m.


The date of the next Meeting to be Tuesday, 29th March, 2016 at 8.00 p.m. at Llangrove C of E Academy.