Minutes 24th October 2017

A meeting of Llangarron Parish Council was held on Tuesday, 24th October at Llangrove Village Hall.


Present at the meeting were Councillors Bailey, Fisher, Hitchen, Jones, Joseph, Lodge, Turner & Wright.

Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received from Councillor  Bainbridge, Morehead & Thomas.

Declarations of interest

None recorded.

Public participation

There were four members of the public present. Roger App of Llangrove Village Hall committee addressed the meeting. The committee have a wish list of £150K expenditure for the refurbishment and extension, but the Lottery Fund is now closed for funding requests of between £100K and £500K. Still open for grants of up to £100K. Two structural engineers both stated that roof must be strengthened. LEADER have been asked for £20K. 70 per cent of this could be released. The committee have £33K on deposit.

Minutes of meeting held 26th September 2017

Councillor Jones asked that minutes be amended to reflect his comment calling for a better interface between parish council and village hall committee.

Minutes then approved and signed off by the Chairman.

Planning matters

Application No. 173448 –   Tretaudy Cottage, Llangrove. Neighbourhood Plan requirement reflected by this application for an extension. Parish Council raised no objection. This application conforms to its environment; the specification fits alongside the existing house and will enhance it. In style it will fit in with the adjacent property.

  1. Dog waste bin. Councillor Lodge suggested that the Llangrove 100 club might be prepared to finance this. He will arrange for an application form. David Atkinson of Balfour Beatty had suggested that it could be located on grass verge near the telephone kiosk and Parish Notice Board the exact location to be defined. Councillors to ask if nearest householder has any objection.
  2. Options for signs. Councillor Wright requested help with research. Councillors Bailey & Jones offered this. To defer any decision until next meeting.
  3. Councillor Bailey has recharged the SID battery. The pole has been put up. It needs the top display box connected which Freemans Developers will pay for. Councillors Jones & Wright to write to them.
  4. Response received from Herefordshire Councillor Barry Durkin to letter and follow up letter in respect of U71224. This is in hand but is ranked no. 92 out of 110 current applications. It was proposed that Councillors Hitchen and Lodge try to get this road re-classified. Seconded by Councillor Wright. Councillor Wright also suggested that the speed limit through the village and the state of the road were two different points and that they should be kept separate in future communications. It was also suggested that the Planning Department expedite the Baytree development application no. 172905 with the requirement that Section 278 of the Highways Act, 1980 be imposed whereby the developer would pay for improvements to the public highway under a TRO (Traffic Regulation Order).

Nothing to report other than at Alamaya House, Llangrove the householder has placed a gate across a public right of way. Councillor Fisher to investigate, and that at Sexty’s Farm the opportunity has arisen to replace the stile with a kissing gate subject to the agreement of the farmer.

Ward councillor

Report already circulated.

Transparency code

Councillors agreed to apply for a Government grant. This to be deferred until next meeting when Councillor Bainbridge returns in order to advise on best way forward to apply for new website and computer equipment to be purchased with Government grant.

  1. A vote of thanks proposed by Councillor Joseph and seconded by Councillor Bailey to Welsh Newton & Llanrothal Group Parish for their remittance of £20 to pay for undergrowth clearance at Glascwm Farm.
  2. A cheque was signed in favour of Terry Griffiths Contracts for his invoice no. TGC0181 for £338.40 for road maintenance.
  3. The clerk had prepared a narrative statement showing cash flows with effect from 1st April to 24thOctober which was sent out with the summons and agenda. Councillors made various suggestions that this could be enhanced with financial analysis including this year to date, and a comparison showing this year against last year’s figures. In order to prepare for next year’s draft budget and to calculate the likely precept which is expected to increase by 2 per cent to £9,690, it will be necessary to consult the parish lengthsman and others as to predicted income and expenditure for the period from 1st April, 2018.
  4. HMRC have written to state that as from 15th December they will no longer accept PAYE remittances through the Post Office. They are prepared to accept cheques payable to them for an interim period, but it will be necessary to set up a direct debit mandate or go to online banking in the future. This will be simpler once the Transparency Code has been adopted and the council has an interactive online presence.

The Chairman proposed a special resolution to hold an additional meeting to discuss the Neighbourhood Plan for which the deadline is now very tight as the grant money paid to the council to pay Data Orchard must be returned if progress is not made from Section 14 to Section 16 and completed by 30th February, 2018.

To this end a special meeting has been arranged for Monday, 30th October at Christ Church, Llangrove at 7.00pm. This meeting will also discuss two recently received planning applications. These are Application No. 173762 – Mapps Pool House, Llangrove – Proposed extensions and alterations and Application No. 173810 – The Stone Barn, Green Acres, Three Ashes – Proposed separation of annexe accommodation to create an independent separate dwelling.


The formal meeting closed at 9.35pm. The parish council then went into closed session with the public excluded in order to discuss a confidential employment matter.

The next meeting of Llangarron Parish Council will be held at Llangarron Village Hall on Tuesday, 28thNovember, 2017 at 8.00pm.