Minutes 25th July 2017

A meeting of Llangarron Parish Council was held on Tuesday, 25th July, 2017 at Llangarron Village Hall at 8.00pm with Councillor Sarah Cooper in the chair.


Present at the meeting were Councillors Bailey, Bainbridge, Cooper, Fisher, Hitchen, Jones, Joseph, Morehead and Wright

Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Thomas and Turner.

Public Participation

Three members of the public attended: Mr Tim Pridgeon, Mrs Veronica Palmer & Ms Tracy Marshall.

The clerk read out a letter that had been received from Mrs Palmer on the subject of dog waste in the village of Llangrove with the request that dog waste bins be provided. The letter noted that dog waste bins were provided in Whitchurch and these were serviced by the Parish Lengthsman, Mr Terry Griffiths. The clerk had received a quotation from Mr Griffiths for £160 plus VAT each for the provision of bins and a service charge of £5 plus VAT for each visit. A discussion followed as to where best to site the proposed bin. Councillor Cooper suggested that this could be at the side of the Parish Council owned bus shelter. Alternatively, if situated along the public highway, this would need the consent of the landowner whose property adjoined it. The clerk was asked to contact the clerk of Whitchurch Parish Council to ascertain the details and costs of their contract with Mr Griffiths. A vote to proceed with this was proposed by Councillor Wright and seconded by Councillor Bailey.

Also discussed was that, as there had been a delay in obtaining the parish lengthsman contract from HFDS council, it was suggested that the frequency of the cycles be adjusted.

Councillor Jones requested that identification cards be made available to councillors so that their bone fides could be proved if challenged by a householder when making site visits prior to the discussion of planning issues at council meetings. This suggestion was received favourably.

Declarations of interest

No declarations of interest were noted.

Minutes of previous meeting

Councillor Jones asked for the minutes to be modified to better reflect his comments in respect of the planning application received for Premier Plant Centre, the Neighbourhood Plan and its relevance to brownfield sites. Councillor Jones offered to provide a revised wording for the clerk.

Planning matters – new

Application No. 172208 – The Grove, Llangrove. No Councillor raised any objection to this application.

Application No. 172302 – Tre Evan House, Llangarron. No Councillor raised any objection to this application.

Planning matters – old

Application No. 171641 – Llangrove Village Hall. It was noted that this application has been approved by Herefordshire Planning Office.

Highways: old & new matters

At the last parish council meeting, the clerk was instructed to contact Balfour Beatty to ask that the old yellow lines outside Llangrove Academy be erased as the newly painted lines followed a different path. A reply from Jordan Nedin noted that burning left marks and that scrabbling left the surface with a ruffed up effect on what was already a poor surface. The advice given was to leave the old lines to fade away. This advice was accepted by the councillors. Construction work has meant that the kerb line has been changed which caused duplication of the yellow lines. Councillor Bailey reported that Steve Watkins from Freemans had been out to see the SID but the leads were the wrong ones, correct leads awaited.

The Parish Council still awaits repairs to Stoney Bridge. This is scheduled for repair by Balfour Beatty.

Mr Chris Harris for the Whitchurch & Llangrove Scouts and Cubs Association has confirmed that he is anxious to convert the bus shelter. He advised that at present, swallows are nesting in it and they would not be disturbed until they had flown away.

Dog waste.  Dealt with under public participation.

Consideration of options for signs in the parish. Councillor Wright reported that she had visited Breinton parish and spent some hours there. She had been unable to locate the signs or SID mentioned in the previous meeting. Ward Councillor Swinglehurst advised that SIDs had to be within the area signed as a 30mph restriction. Councillors believe that a better sense of community could be engendered with attractive signs which welcomed visitors to our area and villages with requests to drive carefully. Existing posts could be utilised. Councillor Wright offered to research alternatives and report to the council.

Footpaths officer’s report

Councillor Fisher reported that footpaths had been cleared of encroaching undergrowth. An invoice had been received from Enviroability for £186 of which £20 was due from Welsh Newton Parish Council as this work included a portion of their parish.

Neighbourhood plan update

There was no new information to report. It was noted that Mrs Julie Joseph, having brought the NDP to regulation 14 draft stage, was now preparing to handover to consultants to progress the work to regulation 16 submitted stage.

Ward councillor’s report

Councillor Swinglehurst sent out her report to the clerk to be forwarded to councillors prior to the meeting. This is substantially the same as she read out at the previous meeting, but contained more detail.

Councillor Joseph raised the concern that Herefordshire Council had sold the Wickford Estate to a substantial Agri-business which he did not name. He raised the fear that this may now be used for intensive farming with, for example, massive chicken sheds and 64 poly tunnels. Councillor Swinglehurst reassured the council that planning consents would go through the same stringent processes as for individual applications, but she would raise the query with the planning officer.


Councillor Wright has provided the clerk with the necessary ID to become a cheque signatory. The clerk has written to Santander to register the new cheque signatories.

Councillors approved payment to Enviroability of £186 for work on footpaths. Proposed by Councillor Bailey, seconded by Councillor Jones.

Election of new chairman

Councillor Fisher was elected to the chair. Proposed by Councillor Wright, seconded by Councillor Jones. Councillor Bainbridge was elected as vice chairman of the council. Proposed by Councillor Morehead, seconded by Councillor Hitchen. Councillor Fisher, as the new chairman signed her acceptance of office. This was witnessed by the clerk.

Any other business

There being no further business the meeting was closed by the chair at 9.02pm.

Date of next meeting: Tuesday, 26th September at Llangarron Village Hall.