Minutes 25th November 2014

A Meeting of Llangarron Parish Council was held on Tuesday, 25th November, 2014 at Llangrove Academy at 8.00 p.m. with Mr. P.J. Bailey in the Chair.

Present at the Meeting were Councillors Bailey, Brewer, Hayward, Jones, F.J. Lane, M. Jones and S. Morehead. There was 1 member of the public present.

Neighbourhood Presentation

Prior to commencement of meeting, Julie Joseph, Chair of the Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group, addressed the meeting. She gave an overview of progress to date, went through the display boards with Councillors who had not attended Event on 1st November to keep them abreast of developments. She emphasised that the plan needed to be open and not full of surprises. She explained that much of the process was gaining evidence to back policies and asked that all Councillors completed a Questionnaire. It was envisaged that Draft Plan would be prepared by year end and the Steering Group would then go through same and hope to present to Parish Council in February. A decision would then need to be taken as to whether to go out to consultation in draft or full. A brief discussion took place on her payment and repayment of grant at year end and Julie reiterated that she was committed to the project and would do as much as she could before repayment date, but would still continue afterwards. The Chairman thanked Julie for all her input and asked that she pass on the thanks of the Parish Council to the Steering Group.

Apologies of Absence

Apologies of absence were received from Hfds. Ward Councillor for Llangarron, Mrs. J. Hyde and Councillors Chamberlain, Cooper, G.E. Lane and Phillips.


T. Pridgeon – Thanked the Parish Council and Steering Group for all the hard work they had put in to getting the Neighbourhood Plan to the stage it was. Continual re-occurrence of pot holes on Whitchurch pitch.

Declaration of Interest

P.J. Bailey – Discussion re payment of Clerks Salary and payment to Clerk in respect of expenses incurred for Neighbourhood Plan Event.

Minutes of the last Meeting

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 28th October, 2014 having been previously circulated, were taken as read, confirmed and signed as a true and correct record by the Chairman.

Matters Arising

Planning Decisions:

P/143098/CU – Change of Use of Barn to Dwelling House at Tredunnock Farm, Llangarron, Ross on Wye, Hfds. for Mr. J. Thorpe. Prior Approval Refused.
P/143138/FH – Proposed erection of a detached car port and log/trailer store at Old Shoppe Cottage, Llangrove, Ross on Wye, Hfds. for Mr. and Mrs. M. Vine. Planning Permission Granted.

Grove Farm, Llangrove – The Clerk advised that confirmation had been received from Planning Officer that new access opposite Hawkeswood had been sealed off and replanted and that gate was now repositioned satisfactorily. The Planning Office were still looking into the new access track and would report back to Parish Council in due course.

Other Matters:

BT Telephone Kiosk in Llangarron – Clerk reported that following discussion with local resident in Llangarron who made original complaint, it was noted that light and broken glass had been repaired. Clerk also reported at this point that 55 telephone kiosks in Herefordshire were being proposed for removal, but Llangarron was not on the list.
Code of Conduct – This had been formally adopted at previous meeting, but Councillors Fisher and Morehead had not signed due to absence. Both Councillors signed at meeting. Noted that Councillors Cooper and Phillips still to sign.

Highways  Old Matters:

Up Dates – After considerable chasing up of replies the following up dates available. Drain adjacent to Little Bernithan Farm – Still awaiting visit of large drain clearing machine from Balfour Beatty. Drainage in Llangarron at Bridge – Some works have already taken place, but Balfour Beatty have scheduled replacement of existing gully pots with much higher capacity ones and are awaiting clearance to start excavation. Hedge at Ridgeway Crescent – David Atkinson had investigated and agreed hedge a problem, along with others in that area and offered to meet Parish Councillor on site. Agreed that as this was in Whitchurch area, he should be requested to meet with them. Pot Holes – Many have been marked up for repair, but concern that due to time delays in carrying out repairs, paint marks were wearing off. Salt Bins – Balfour Beatty now suggesting that no Bins available free of charge but Parish Councillors could purchase off them. Agreed that there were too many bins on U71225 and Clerk should enquire via David Atkinson whether Parish Council could get Lengthsman to move some of these to more strategic points. Bollards at Symonds Trewen – David Atkinson indicated that he would speak with landowner to instigate their removal. Overgrown Hedge at Old Shoppe Cottage, Llangrove – this has now been rectified. Lay By at A466 Llancloudy – David Atkinson had responded on this and queried whether it was used as a Lay By and consequences of closure. It was agreed that it was not an official Lay By and was only abused as a pull in and residents wanted it closed off. Clerk to respond to David Atkinson accordingly.

Parish Lengthsman – An Invoice had been received from Mr. T. Griffiths in the sum of £1,170 for works as agreed previously. Chairman advised work carried out to a high standard and proposed by Mrs. Fisher and seconded by Mr. F. Lane that Invoice be paid. Mr. Griffiths had raised some other defects noted as follows – drains opposite The Willows at Llangrove had been unblocked as far as possible but pipe ruptured further down the line. He had reported to Balfour Beatty who would visit and rectify situation. He also raised concerns over further blocked ditches at Marstow Junction and the need to remove mounds of soil at Trereece Bridge prior to any further work at this point as verge becoming unstable. Going on from this Chairman advised that there were other areas he would like to rectify with Mr. Griffiths namely Tre Essey Farm area and ditches opposite Thatch Close entrance. Councillors also put forward drainage at Tretawdy Cottage, Sextys Farm and Llancloudy Bridge. The Clerk advised that following payment of above Invoice there still remained in hand £2,374.80 plus a further £949.50 grant to be claimed. The Chairman was given go ahead to discuss the above issues with Mr. Griffiths, obtain Quotes and implement if satisfactory. The matter of the blocked access gate at Tre Essey was also reported and noted that David Atkinson had offered to meet Mr. Powell together with Mr. Griffiths on site to rectify. Agreed that Parish Council should also be present. With regards to proposed scheme for next year, which the Clerk reported was still not officially ratified, Mr. Griffiths had submitted an Annual Plan which would entail 12 monthly service visits which would cover all areas listed in plan. His monthly fee would be £275 plus VAT. This was discussed at length and considered a good way forward. It was agreed that once officially put forward by Balfour Beatty, the Parish Council would sign up, a Service Level Contract would be given to Mr. Griffiths on a six months trial basis. He would be asked to report monthly to Parish Council and would only do works covered by service level agreement. Any additional defects would be notified to Parish Council. He would not be allowed to go over monthly fee unless sanctioned by Parish Council. The Parish Council would also reserve the right to cancel a month if weather situation meant no works necessary in order that extra money available in poor weather months. The Councillors also discussed the enhanced scheme being suggested by Balfour Beatty whereby if Parish Councils put money into Scheme they would match fund. It was agreed that £1,000 would be added to Precept request specifically for Lengthsman work. This would mean that on top of normal £3,800 Grant, there would be £1,000 from Parish Council and £1,000 match funded available, giving £5,800 to be spent on Scheme.

Winter Self Help – Messrs. Watkins have agreed to operate and agreed no additional salt required as enough in stock.

Highways New Matters

Top Three Roads – Following request by Balfour Beatty for nominations from Parish Councils to name their top three roads for consideration for resurface, the C1248 from Thorne Crossroads to Welsh Newton, U71224 from Treducchan to Whitchurch and two smaller parts of roads U71213 from Kilreague to Tre Essey and U71214 from Tre Essey to Upperfields put forward.
Parking in road at The Mount, Llangrove – Noted that this situation had resolved itself.
C1250 Grass in middle of road. Mr. Morehead raised the issue of amount of grass growing in centre of road around Park Mill – agreed to raise with Parish Lengthsman for costing on removal and also for opening up drainage points at side of road in this area to get water off road.
Pot Holes – Noted that yet again Hilltop on Whitchurch pitch riddled with pot holes and also again at Treducchan Farm. Clerk to raise with David Atkinson for some more permanent repairs.
Bus Damage to verge on A466 – Mrs. Hayward reported on Stage Coach Bus unofficially pulling off road opposite Caravan Site entrance and as a result of which verge becoming badly eroded. Clerk to write to Bus Company and request them not to use.


EnviroAbility – At the proposal of Miss Brewer and seconded by Mrs. Hayward agreed to pay invoice for £66 re handrail repair at LG36.
Footpath Officers Report – Mrs. Fisher reported more works taking place and a further Invoice due shortly. Agreed Clerk to pay and report at next meeting.

Planning Applications

None received.

Neighbourhood Plan

Mrs. Fisher opened the discussion on this item by expressing her personal opinion that she felt the distinct non attendance of Parish Councillors at the consultation Event on 1st November was very noticeable and regrettable. She suggested that the Parish Council should be supporting the Group working on their behalf and be right behind what is happening and endorsing their support so that the Plan can be successfully implemented.
The meeting had already received report on the Event from Julie Joseph earlier in evening. The Clerk went through list of payments made from Community Development Grant as follows: Caire Williams £280 for Catering, Blue Chilli – £180 Production of display Boards, Rachel Hitchen £415.82 for designing and producing artwork for fliers, display boards and questionnaires, Frances Warren £48.09 production of posters, laminating pouches and velcro, Jenny Bailey £24.50 prizes and apples, Llancloudy Chapel £10 for use of Chapel to display boards, Llangrove Village Hall £56 for hire of hall for Neighbourhood plan meetings. At the proposal of Mr. Jones and seconded by Mrs. Hayward agreed to approve payment of all. It was noted that following payment of these invoices £3,564.20 left in Grant, which had to be repaid as at 31st December. Julie Joseph would invoice at that date for work completed. In conclusion Mr. Jones, thanked Clerk for all the extra work she had put in to keeping Neighbourhood Plan on track.


Payments: At the proposal of Mrs. Fisher and seconded by Mr. Morehead agreed to pay £35 to Information Commissioner in respect of Data Protection. At proposal of Mr. F. Lane and seconded by Mr. Jones agreed to pay Clerks Salary for period 1st October to 31st December, 2014 in the sum of £500 less PAYE of £24.60 to be paid to HMRC and £475.40 to Clerk.
Precept – Clerk had produced draft Budget which showed spending to date and projected spending. It was noted that running costs for 2015/16 were projected as £5,219.85, a Contested Election would cost £1,260 and any further Bye Election £2,100. It was felt that monies in hand could cover any election costs, but Precept should be as last year £5,500 plus £1,000 for Parish Lengthsman Scheme if proposals went ahead. It was noted that residents would need to be made aware of why Precept was increased to £6,500. Clerk would endeavour to post on Notice Boards on completion. At proposal of Mr. Morehead and seconded by Mrs. Fisher £6,500 agreed.

Annual Parish Meeting

This was scheduled for 19th March, 2015 at Llangarron Village Hall. Ideas for speakers were David Atkinson of Balfour Beatty and with elections on the horizon Linda Wilcox from HALC. Clerk to make enquiries.

Correspondence Received

Balfour Beatty Newsletter, Fact Sheet and Weekly Update.

Any Other Business

No items raised.

There being no further business, the Meeting was closed by the Chairman at 9.40 p.m.

The date of the next Meeting to be Tuesday, 25th January, 2014 at 8.00 p.m. at Llangarron Village Hall.