Minutes 26th June 2018


Minutes of the Annual of the Parish Council held on
Tuesday 26TH June 2018 at 7.30 pm at Llancloudy Chapel

Councillors: Andy McRobb Vice Chairman, Paul Bailey, Barbara Fisher, Adrian Hitchen, Judy Turner, Terry Thomas, Liz Wright.
In attendance: Kath Greenow … HALC Admin Cover,11 local residents and ward Cllr Elisa Swinglehurst

1. Apologies for absence …
Apologies were accepted from Paul Lodge, Chairman Stewart Morehead, Liz Wright & Julie Scotford

2. To receive declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation.

Cllr Bailey declared an non DPI on agenda item 6.1 HALC admin cover as the clerk was related to him.

3. To note calling of an election to fill parish council vacancy.

3.1 To endorse the request for poll cards.
The request for Poll cards was endorsed.

4. Open Discussion

4.1 To receive a brief verbal report from Ward Councillor Elisa Swinglehurst.
4.1.1 A verbal report from the Ward Cllrs Elisa Swinglehurst included:
Increase in Children’s services, due to the number of children being in care.
4.2 To receive views of local residents on parish matters.
4.2.1 Parishioners raised concerns regarding the pot holes that had been filled in the parish .It was considered
that they were haphazard and of poor quality. Some pot holes still required filling.
4.2.3 Information for the Llangrove newsletter would include information relating to the election of a parish
Councillor and candidates standing for election.
4.2.4 Some minutes were not on the Parish Council website. Parish Councillors information was not on the
4.2.5 The SID (Speed Indicator Device) located in the parish was not working and needs to be attended to.
4.2.6 The Bus shelter had recently been repainted and parishioners asked that a vote of thanks go to the local
Scouts who had carried out the painting.
4.2.5 Questions were raised with regard to the NDP and the way forward to ensure openness and
transparency. The Vice Chairman explained that the Parish Council had selected Kirkwells Planning
Consultants to assist with looking at regulation 14 and will be supporting the Parish Council in taking the NDP forward to completion in due course.

5. To consider minutes of the previous meeting held on 29th May.
Deferred to the next meeting


6.1 To consider HALC Admin Cover for the meeting @ £150 + mileage.
It was RESOLVED to pay: HALC Admin Cover for the meeting @ £150 + mileage.
6.2 To consider hire charges for the Garron Centre – £35.00.
It was RESOLVED to pay hire charges for the Garron Centre – £35.00.
6.3 To consider revised and updated budget for 2018/19.
Deferred to next meeting
6.4 Audit 2017/18:
6.4.1 To consider the Internal Auditor’s Report.
6.4.2 To consider the Annual Governance Statement.
6.4.3 To adopt the accounts for 2017/18.
6.4.4 To consider completion of an exemption certificate for external audit.
6.4.1- 6.4.4 were Deferred to the next meeting

7 Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)

7.1 To consider further NDP grant.
It was RESOLVED: to apply for NDP grant
7.2 To seek all outstanding information relating to previous process.
It was RESOLVED: That HALC would seek to obtain any outstanding information relating to the previous process.
To consider date of next Extraordinary PC/NDP meeting.
Date of the next Extra ordinary PC/NDPmeeting would be at the beginning of August .Information would be put on the website and noticeboards as required.

8 Planning … To consider comments on the following application:

8.1 Application P181758/FH … West View – Three Ashes. Proposed car port and single storey extensions to create annexe.
It was RESOLVED: to Support the application

9 Lengthsman Scheme

9.1 To report & invoice for removal of vandalised bench.
It was RESOLVED: to pay the invoice of £35.00 for the removal of the vandalised bench.
The replacement of the bench would be considered at the next meeting
9.2 To consider work to be undertaken by the Lengthsman.
No further work identified
9.3 To consider appointing Terry Griffiths as Lengthsman contractor for 2018/19.
It was RESOLVED: to appoint: Terry Griffiths as Lengthsman contractor for 2018/19.

10 Footpaths

10.1 To consider work required on footpaths.
No further work on the footpaths was agreed .
It was RESOLVED: that the footpaths officer gives a report on footpaths work
Required which would be considered at the next meeting.

10.2 To consider contractors for footpaths work around the parish during 2018/19.
Deferred to the next meeting

11 General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

11.1 To consider draft policies for display on the website.
It was RESOLVED: that GDPR policies that the Parish Council were required to approve and adopt would be considered at the next PC meeting. The policies would be circulated to Cllrs before the next meeting.

12 To note ‘Information Items’.

Update of The Asset register –Agenda item next meeting
Request for Parish Freighter – update required next meeting

13 To consider the date of the next scheduled meeting.

Next scheduled meeting would take place on Tuesday 31st July at 7.30pm at The Llangarron Academy

A resolution will be passed to exclude the public for the following confidential items.

A resolution was passed to exclude the public due to confidential items.

14 Employment Matters:

14.1 To receive an update and take appropriate action on matters relating to outgoing Clerk.
Members received an update and appropriate action on the matters relating to the outgoing clerk were agreed
14.2 To set up interviews for recruitment of a new Clerk.
HALC would advise on dates available for interviews for a new Clerk .