Minutes 27th September 2016

A Meeting of Llangarron Parish Council was held on Tuesday, 27th September, 2016 at Llangrove Academy at 8.00 p.m. with Miss S. Cooper in the Chair.

Present at the Meeting were Councillors Bailey, Cooper, Fisher, Hitchen, Jones, Joseph and Morehead together with Herefordshire Ward Councillor for Llangarron, Miss Elissa Swinglehurst and Balfour Beatty Locality Steward David Atkinson.   There were 9 members of the public present.

Apologies of absence were received from Councillors Bainbridge, Turner and Wright.


Mr. D. Holmes re Planning Application 162683.

Mr. T. Aylmer and his Architect – re proposed development in fields behind Baytree Cottage, Llangrove, traffic calming measures and Public Consultation.

Mrs. J. Oakley – Planning Applications 162385/162386.

Declaration of Interest

Mr. P. Bailey – Clerks Salary.

Minutes of the last Meeting

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 26th July, 2016 having been previously circulated, were taken as read, confirmed and signed as a true and correct record by the Chair.

Matters Arising

Planning Decisions:

161985 – Proposed new carport, workshop, garage, storage and studio building at Brook House, Llangrove, Ross on Wye, Hfds. for Mr. I. Power.  Planning Permission Granted.

161079 and 161097 – Alterations and extensions at Woodfields House, Llangarron, Ross on Wye, Hfds. for Mr. W. J. Norman.  Planning Permission Granted.

Planning Appeal – 143863 – Reinstatement of drive at Thatch Close, Llangrove, Ross on Wye, Hfds. for Mr. and Mrs. E. Drzymalski.  Noted that Appeal had been dismissed.

Other Matters: Casual Vacancy – Noted that Herefordshire Council had now confirmed that Parish Council could co opt new Councillor.  The Clerk had made contact with Mr. Terry Thomas of Llancloudy who had expressed interest and he would attend next meeting.  Agreed to leave in abeyance.

Highways ‑ Old Matters:

Up Dates –  Trewen Floods and Flood issues at Tre Essey Farm – David Atkinson confirmed that there was a desire to carry out both jobs to rectify issues, but until such time as funding was available this would not happen.  Agreed to leave in abeyance. Grass growing in centre of road to Trereece – The Chair confirmed she had inspected and considered that the issue was not serious enough to warrant the sum of money involved.  Clerk had advised resident who made complaint.  No response received. Overgrown hedges/verges at Treribble – Clerk had made contact with resident who had put in complaint who had confirmed all issues resolved.

Parish Lengthsman –   Mr. Griffiths not in attendance to give report.  Invoices received for August and September inspections totalling £664.80.  At proposal of Mr. Bailey and seconded by Mrs. Fisher agreed to pay same.

In regard to report submitted by Mr. Griffiths just prior to previous meeting, agreed Clerk to liaise with Mr. Griffiths and apologise this had not been dealt with and request that he combine with updated report and resubmit prior to October meeting.

Highways New Matters

Fly Tipping – Clerk reported two issues had been notified to her, builders rubble dumped in field at Blackpool, Langstone and rubbish bags, tree branches and exhaust pipe at Stoney Bridge.  Dave Atkinson had carried out inspection, but as both were on private land Balfour Beatty unable to assist in removal.


Report from BFisher – She explained she was encountering a lot of problems with EnviroAbility and queried whether she should use someone else.  Agreed that EnviroAbility would be much cheaper than anyone else and that they were best option.  Agreed she would give them another chance.  Invoice received for £584 from EnviroAbility and at proposal of Mr. Joseph and agreed by Mr. Bailey agreed to pay same.

LG 46 and LG47 – Up dates –  Welsh Water covers – David Atkinson had inspected and the tops all in good order so no action can be taken.  Road adoption – noted if the Byway brought up to standard it would then be considered for adoption.  Plannings – delivered but many still left at Village Hall.  Reports received that quality not good.  HALC and legal issue of Parish council holding monies for residents in respect of paying Contractors.  Confirmed by HALC this was definitely not possible as could be construed as accepting responsibility.  Mr. Joseph confirmed that the company he had approached for quote would not deal with a group of residents because no guarantee of money being paid. Freemans – Mr. Joseph reported he had built up a rapport with Freemans and had hoped to get some assistance from them in carrying out repairs to both Byways but discussion had been greatly hampered by local residents continually bombarding Freemans with complaints.  They had agreed to make good damage done by them to LG47. Conclusion – the Parish Council had spent considerable time on this, but nothing more could be done.  Agreed no necessity to hold another Open Meeting, but Clerk would circulate report on Llangrove Links and notice boards reporting on outcomes.

SID and Freemans

Following numerous chase ups by both Clerk and Freemans they had eventually managed to meet on site with representative of Balfour Beatty.  The meeting had been attended by Clerk, Mr. Jones and Mr. Joseph.  They explained it had not been an easy meeting with many obstacles raised by Balfour Beatty.  Freemans very keen to resolve as obviously they needed to fulfil obligation of planning condition before they could sell houses.  Finally agreed no traffic survey needed, Freemans were in agreement to purchase SID and provide pad adjacent Llangrove Cottage and subject to costs would provide another pad at Mapps Pool so that the SID could be rotated at either end of Village.  It was envisaged that progress would now be made.  David Atkinson requested to try and move matters along.

Planning Applications                     

162385  – Application for removal of condition 3 of planning permission 150911 at Land adj. To Hazelnut Cottage, Llangrove, Ross on Wye, Hfds. for Freemans.  The Parish Council object to this Planning Application.  Condition 3 was put in place to protect the public sewage system and nothing has changed to this risk.  We therefore do not agree that condition 3 should be removed.

162386  – Application for removal of conditions 3 and 4 of planning permission 161195 at Land adj. To Hazelnut Cottage, Llangrove, Ross on Wye, Hfds. for Freemans.  The Parish Council object to the removal of conditions 3 and 4.  These clauses were put in place to protect the public sewage system and water system and nothing to date has changed to reduce this risk.  The Parish Council and Llangrove residents (32 to date on the website) have significant concerns in relation to the potential for flooding if these clauses are removed.  It appears that this is a quick fix to an issue the developers should have considered from the outset.

162683  – Proposed erection of 2 bungalows with garages and alterations to existing access at land to the rear of Wendover, Three Ashes, Hfds. for Mr. and Mrs. D. Holmes.  The Parish Council have no objections to this Planning Application. 

 Neighbourhood Plan                       

Clerk confirmed that after various exchanges of correspondence a Grant of £2,264 had been secured from Groundwork UK which should be in Bank by end of week.  She had advised Julie Joseph of this outcome who could now proceed with finalising Plan.  All present were keen to get project completed by March 2017.  Mr. Joseph reported that Julie Joseph was having to turn down professional work because of conflict of interest.


Receipts – Clerk advised 2nd instalment received in respect of Precept in sum of £3,750.  Payments – At proposal of Mrs. Fisher and seconded by Mr. Jones agreed to pay Clerks Salary for period 1st July, to 30th September,  2016 in the sum of £500 less £100 PAYE giving net sum of £400.

Budget Review

Clerk had prepared figures for Councillors to persue.  Deposit account stood at £4,942.40 and current account £8,190.29.  She confirmed spending in line with Budget.


Clerk confirmed now received back from Auditors and she would be posting Notices on Web Site and Notice Boards in due course.  The Report was detailed to meeting with issues being raised as follows: (1) The minutes had read that Annual Governance and Accounting Statement had been approved in one sentence.  In future this needed to be separated to clearly identify that Annual Governance completed first. (2) The Clerk had used template provided by Auditors for publishing Audit using their dates of 3/6/16 and 15/7/16.  Auditors raised issue that this provided 31 days for inspection whereby it should have been 30 days.  (3)  The Clerk had completed form in pencil for Internal Auditor to check and in haste to post following signing off she had inadvertently penned in a 9109 instead of 9709 giving shortfall of £600.  These issues would need to be addressed at next Audit.  At the proposal of Mr. Morehead and seconded by Mr. Joseph agreed to pay Grant Thornton invoice of £120.  The Auditors had suggested Parish Council should obtain Guidance Book prior to next year as Audit procedure changing.  Clerk to investigate.

Resignation of Clerk

The Chair reported that letter of resignation had been received from Clerk who wished to terminate her position as at 31st March, 2017.  She thanked the Clerk for giving six months notice and accepted resignation.  The Clerk outlined that the workload had grown out of all proportion and she considered the Council should employ a certified Clerk or someone prepared to do the training in order to be able to access responsibilities being handed to Parish Councils in the future.  She was instructed to consult HALC on procedures to be followed to replace Clerk, costs involved in training and likely Salary to be paid to a qualified Clerk.  The Clerk intimated she had been approached by local resident who wished to be considered for position.

Parish Freighter

The service would operate on Saturday 8th October,  2016 from 11.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. at Llangrove Village Hall Car Park.  The Clerk had advertised.

Hfds. Council Bus Review               

Mr. Jones had investigated and reported to meeting.  He would formulate a response and circulate to Councillors prior to submitting.

Hfds. Council Standards                  

Noted that Clerk had circulated all Councillors with the new procedures to be followed in respect of any complaints made against a Councillor.  All agreed no comment to raise.

Llangrove Bus Shelter

Clerk had circulated various groups and had been advised that Scouts were prepared to take on project.  Clerk was in process of obtaining from them exact details of what they would do.

Correspondence Received

Nothing to report as all circulated to Councillors.

Any Other Business

Parish Walk – As requested Barbara Fisher had organised this for Saturday, 22nd October, 2016.  She would advertise.  Hoped that some Councillors could attend.

Appraisal of affect of cuts to Rural Communities – agreed to place on next agenda for discussion.

There being no further business, the Meeting was closed by the Chair at 10.00 p.m.

The date of the next Meeting to be Tuesday, 25th October, 2016 at 8.00 p.m. at Llangarron Village Hall.