Minutes 28th April 2015

A Meeting of Llangarron Parish Council was held on Tuesday, 28th April, 2015 at Llangrove Academy at 8.00 p.m. with Mr. P.J. Bailey in the Chair.

Present at the Meeting were Councillors Bailey, Chamberlain, Fisher, Jones, F.J. Lane, Morehead and Phillips. Also present were Herefordshire Ward Councillor for Llangarron, Mrs. J. Hyde and Balfour Beatty Locality Steward, Mr. D. Atkinson. There were 18 members of the public present.

Apologies of absence were received from Councillors Brewer, Cooper, Hayward and G.E. Lane.


B. Mutton, S. Gaston, J. Oakley and R. Flood – re Planning Application Number P150911 – Land at Hazelnut Cottage, Llangrove.

J. Sully-Morgan – re Planning Application Number P150954 – Land at Bryn Elm, Llangrove.
J. Thorpe – re Planning application P150836 – Tredunnock Farm, Llangarron.

Declaration of Interest

P.J. Bailey – Discussion re Planning Application P150954 Land at Bryn Elm, Llangrove.
S. Morehead – Discussion re Planning Application P150879 Llangrove C of E Academy.

Minutes of the last Meeting

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 31st March, 2015 having been previously circulated, were taken as read, confirmed and signed as a true and correct record by the Chairman.

Matters Arising

Planning Decisions:
P150299 – Proposed change of use from agricultural to B1 use without alteration or building work at Lower Barn, Little Trewen, Whitchurch, Ross on Wye, Hfds. for Mrs. E. Wright. Notice received that application withdrawn.

Planning Appeal – Letter received from Planning Inspectorate in respect of P140855/F – Yew Tree House, Llangrove confirming that Hfds, Council decision to refuse Planning Permission was upheld and that the applicants Appeal was dismissed and also Appeal for Costs by applicant dismissed.
Bernards Site at Llangrove – Clerk confirmed that she had following previous meeting raised query with Owen Pell as to when work was likely to start – no definite commitment was forthcoming but they were hopeful of starting during 2015.

Other Matters:
Payment to Vitalis – Clerk confirmed that the final cheque paid to Vitalis was £150 for the 3 year period of 1.4.14 to 31.3.16 in respect of hosting and maintenance works to Web Site.
Treworgan Farm Deliveries – The Clerk had written as requested to both Cargill and Planning Office at Hfds. Council to query routes for live deliveries into Farm and it was noted that although no reply received from Cargill, a letter had been received from Planning Office confirming that they had researched all applications made by Treworgan Farm and there was no specified routes within decision. Furthermore they confirmed that it was something that they would be unlikely to enforce anyway. Agreed no further action to be taken.

Highways  Old Matters: Up Dates – Drainage in Llangarron at Bridge – still awaiting works on this site, Lay By at A466, Llancloudy – Clerk reported that Hfds. Council had now passed this back to Balfour Beatty and letter received from them stating that they were investigating, Verge Damage at Llancloudy – Mr. Atkinson advised that he met residents on site and this matter was ongoing. It was also raised at this point that although the daffodils looked lovely in Llancloudy it meant that walkers were having to walk in road and also the junction from Park Farm was obscured by the daffodils. Speed Gun in Llancloudy – to be placed on next agenda, Parking at Llangrove Academy – Clerk had written to both School and Llangrove Leapfrogs asking them to encourage parents not to park alongside school boundary. School had replied that they had again requested parents to comply. Clerk also reported that the yellow lines outside School which had been long awaited had passed through another stage and it was hoped that when they were implemented this would ease situation.
Parish Lengthsman – The Clerk advised that finally the Contract had arrived from Balfour Beatty and it was agreed Chairman should sign accepting same and return. The Clerk had drafted out Contract for Mr. T. Griffiths which Mr. Morehead and perused and it was agreed that the Chairman should sign same and forward to Mr. Griffiths. This would mean he would carry out monthly visit to the Parish doing routine maintenance to keep drainage, etc., running. The Parish area was split into two circuits and each circuit would receive a visit every other month. Clerk confirmed total to be received for both Parish Lengthsman Scheme and P3 Footpaths Scheme was £7,932.00 which included £1,000 incorporated into Precept request. Items to be considered at next meeting were resolving issues at Tre Essey Crossroads and Langstone Cottage as per correspondence received from local residents. The Clerk also confirmed that she and Mr. Griffiths had met with Mrs. A. Lewis at Langstone re drainage ditch put in and following discussion this had been reinstated – it was hoped that an alternative remedy could be put in place in this area. The issue at Biddlestone Pond was also still in need of being resolved – Clerk to liaise with Mr. Griffiths and Mr. Atkinson on these issues.

Highways New Matters

Speed of Traffic Through Llangrove Village – the Clerk detailed a letter received from Mr. and Mrs. W. Taylor of Laburnum Cottage, Llangrove who had witnessed a car travelling so fast past their cottage that when it met vehicle coming in opposite direction it had hit their fence and mounted their low garden wall. The Councillors were all in agreement that something needed to be done and that with more houses being built, this issue would escalate. It was also noted that following Parish Councils request the 20 mph speed limit would be introduced in 2019 which was considered too far away. Agreed Clerk to send copy of letter from Mr. and Mrs. Taylor to Mr. G. Hornsby of Traffic Management at Balfour Beatty. She would also research SID costs prior to next meeting and item would be placed on Agenda.


Parish Paths Scheme – The Clerk reported that Scheme in place for 2015/16 and Grant of up to £1240 allocated. An Invoice had been received from EnviroAbility in sum of £265.50 and at proposal of Mr. Chamberlain and seconded by Mr. Jones it was agreed to pay same.
Dogs on Footpaths – The Clerk reported that she had written to both parties as requested and placed articles on Notice Boards and Border News. Agreed item resolved.
Request for better pedestrian access – Following the articles sent out as above a request had been received from Mrs. A. Williams of Llangarron suggesting that the Parish Council should investigate how to improve pedestrian access around village and in particular joining Biddlestone to main Village. Agreed although Councillors felt farm traffic was getting bigger and safety was paramount, we live in the countryside and agricultural does take place and regrettably the Parish Council had no power to do anything.

Planning Applications

P150836 – Change of use of mixed office/residential to residential use (retrospective) at No’s 1-3 Tredunnock Barn, 3 & 4 Tredunnock Farm, 1 & 2 Tredunnock Cottages and The Old Workshop, Llangarron, Ross on Wye, Hfds. for Mr. J. Thorpe. The Parish Council have no objections.

P150879 – Proposed Timber Gazebo at Llangrove Church of England Academy, Llangrove, Ross on Wye, Hfds. for Mrs. S. Dean. The Parish Council have no objections to this Planning Application.

P150911 – Proposed erection of 6 new dwellings at Land to rear of Hazelnut Cottage, Llangrove, Ross on Wye, Hfds. for Mr. L. Freeman. The Parish Council object to this Planning Application on the grounds of visual impact and design. We are requesting a meeting with the Developer as offered by them.

P150954 – Proposal to erect two dormer style dwellings with detached garage and associated ground works at Bryn Elm, Llangrove, Ross on Wye, Hfds. for Mr. D. Shapland. The Parish Council object to this Planning Application on the grounds that we consider the dwellings too large and would be more sympathetic to affordable housing in line with our draft Neighbourhood Plan.

Neighbourhood Plan

Mr. Jones advised that following the release of the Core Strategy Modifications, adjustments would have to be made. It would involve more work to be done and would delay project by approximately six months.


Receipts – Noted that first half of Precept received in the sum of £3,250.

Payments – At proposal of Mr. Jones and seconded by Mr. F. Lane agreed to pay Hfds. Council sum of £391.40 in respect of Parish Freighter booking.

At the proposal of Mr. F. J. Lane and seconded by Mrs. Fisher, agreed to pay BOSS sum of £31.18 in respect of purchase of Accounts Register, File and Paper.
The Clerk advised that following election, changes would need to be made to Bank signatories and queried whether it would be beneficial to get some Invoices paid in advance so that invoices were paid on time. Councillors were all in agreement to this procedure.
At proposal of Mr. Jones and seconded by Mrs. Fisher agreed to pay Aon Insurance £1,199.76 in respect of Insurance Renewal and HALC £544.40 in respect of Subscription Renewal.

Hfds. Council Core Strategy

All Councillors had perused new documentation and it was agreed no further comments to be submitted.


Chairman reported that 8 nominations had been received for Parish Councillors namely, P. Bailey, S. Cooper, B. Fisher, L. Hayward, A. Hitchen M. Jones, S. Morehead and D. Rosser and their first meeting would be 19th May, 2015. It was noted that that meeting would have to co-opt three more Councillors to fill vacancies. He went on to say that Councillors not standing for re-election were G.E. Lane (1976-2015); T. Chamberlain (1992-2015); I. Brewer and F.J. Lane (2000-2015) and L. Phillips (2003-2007; 2008-2015) The Chairman duly thanked them all on behalf of the Council for their excellent contribution to the Parish Council. The Chairman also reported that this would be the last meeting attended by Hfds. Ward Councillor Mrs. J. Hyde who was not standing for re-election in the Llangarron Ward, but standing for Ross on Wye Council. The Chairman thanked her for her support and help over the last 12 years.

Correspondence Received

No item received.

Any Other Business

Symonds Trewen Farm – Mr. Jones followed up his comments made at previous meeting in that the site had now been cleaned up.
Llangrove Bus Shelter – Mr. Jones suggested that the shelter at Llangrove was full of graffiti and queried whether it should be painted. Mr. Atkinson advised that there was special paint that could be used to resolve issue. Agreed to place on next Agenda.

There being no further business, the Meeting was closed by the Chairman at 9.10 p.m.

The date of the next Meeting to be Tuesday, 19th May, 2015 at 8.00 p.m. at Llangarron Village Hall – this being first meeting of new Council and Annual Council Meeting.