Minutes 28th February 2017

 A Meeting of Llangarron Parish Council was held on Tuesday, 28th February, 2017 at Llangrove Academy at 8.00 p.m. with Miss S. Cooper in the Chair.

Present at the Meeting were Councillors Bailey, Cooper, Fisher, Hitchen, Jones, Morehead, Thomas, Turner and Wright. There were 3 members of the public present.

Apologies of absence were received from Hfds. Ward Councillor for Llangarron Elissa Swinglehurst, and Councillors Bainbridge and Joseph.


Mr. T. Pridgeon – Extended congratulations and thanks to those involved in Neighbourhood Plan.

Mr. E.J. Lane – Discussion re proposals for development at The Butts, Llangarron and Affordable Housing.

Declaration of Interest

Mr. A. Hitchen – Payments made to Mrs. R. Hitchen.

Minutes of the last Meeting

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 31st January, 2017 having been previously circulated, were taken as read, confirmed and signed as a true and correct record by the Chair.

Matters Arising

Planning Decisions:

163815 – Proposed dwelling at Yew Tree House, Ross on Wye, Hfds. for Mr. and Mrs. N. Manns.  Planning Permission Granted.

Other Matters: Replacement Clerk – The Chair advised that following interview process Dr. Peter Harries had been appointed to replace Mrs. J. A. Bailey as from 1st April, 2017.  The Chair would attend to organising appropriate contract.  Dr. Harries was introduced to the Councillors and welcomed by all those present.  Noted that Dr. Harries could not attend 25th April meeting so agreed to move forward to 18th April, 2017.  Clerk to rearrange hall bookings, etc.   Bus Transport Consultation – The Clerk had written to Councillor Swinglehurst with the suggestions put forward.  She in turn had forwarded to Hfds. Councillor Rone who was overseeing the consultation.

 Highways ‑ Old Matters:

Up Dates –  Trewen Floods and Flood issues at Tre Essey Farm – Agreed to leave in abeyance.  Speeding traffic in Llangarron – Clerk had made contact with Ross on Wye Police who would attempt to make some night patrols resources permitting.  They had also suggested that local residents should monitor situation to build up picture of events.

Parish Lengthsman –   Mr. Griffiths not in attendance to give report.  However, he had submitted Wish List which had been circulated to Councillors.  Discussion followed on this item and it was considered that much of what was included should have been dealt within the normal routine visits.  Noted that insufficient funds in place to undertake all tasks detailed.  Agreed that Mr. Griffiths be asked to attend March Meeting to discuss further.  Also noted that although Mr. Griffiths would be offered contract for 2017/18 it would be prudent to go out to Tender in September 2017 to get best deal for 2018/19.  Invoice had been received in the sum of £338.40 for February inspection.  At proposal of Mr. Jones and seconded by Mr. Thomas agreed to pay same.

Blocked drains in Llangrove – Mr. Bailey advised that he had inspected the drains from Royal Arms down to Llangrove Academy and all were badly silted up as a result of the mud that had constantly flowed from Freeman’s development.  Agreed Clerk to write to Freemans and raise issue and request their assistance in rectifying.

Winter Self Help – No action needed, but money in hand should weather conditions necessitate action.

Highways New Matters

C1248 from Thorne Crossroads through to Llangarron – This item had been placed on agenda at the request of Mr. Joseph who had indicated to Clerk he would like to meet with Hfds. Council on site to discuss deplorable condition of the road.  Discussion followed and agreed that in first instance advice should be sought from David Atkinson.  Clerk to contact him to discuss possible action.

U71224 adjacent to Owen Pell development – Mr. Jones raised the matter of the poor condition of the road adjacent to the development.  He felt that the heavy vehicles continually accessing had done a lot of damage.


Report from BFisher – EnviroAbility had visited and carried out works.  Some of the planned works had been postponed as there was insufficient supply of wood in stock.  Mrs. Fisher would replenish stocks with some of the remaining money in hand.  Invoice received from EnviroAbility in the sum of £428.  At the proposal of Mr. Bailey and seconded by Mr. Thomas agreed to pay the same.

Planning Applications                     

No applications received.  Clerk advised that on all future planning applications reference should be made to Neighbourhood Plan when either supporting or objecting to plans.

Biddlestone Orchards Consultation – many of the Councillors had attended the Consultation event earlier in the day.  It was noted plans now available on line to view.  Discussion followed and agreed that no decision would be made until the formal application was submitted possibly at end of April.

 SID and Freemans

The Clerk had been in contact with Mr. A. Byng of Hfds. Council and after exchanges of correspondence it appeared that there was no suitable site at Whitchurch end of the village to install pad.  Following discussion it was reluctantly agreed that the Parish Council should cease to persue this item at the moment.  It was hoped that when the Baytree Development plans were submitted that some form of traffic calming could be introduced then.  It was noted that the SID was leaning – agreed Clerk to take up with Freemans to see whether they could assist.

 Neighbourhood Plan                       

Clerk confirmed that the Regulation 14 consultation was now underway and would end on 20/3/17.  All relevant Statutory Authorities had been notified together with neighbouring Parish Councils.  To date there had been positive feedback received on a job well done; three applicants had requested site of their site appraisal and one objection raised to the line drawn around Llangrove which left the applicants site outside.  The Clerk had also received a letter from Mrs. A. Farr which was read out to the meeting.  Mrs. Farr wished it to be known that any development that she undertook would be done sympathetically and in keeping with the surroundings.  With regards to the Grant received in respect of funding the development of the Plan, the Clerk advised that this would have to be returned at end of March.  Discussion followed and agreed no additional expenditure to be incurred and therefore the £1,387.50 would be returned.   Discussion also took place on the future of the Plan following the departure of Clerk and the Clerk agreed to continue assisting with the Plan to help the new Clerk with the proviso that it was finished by the end of 2017.


Payments – At proposal of Mr. Morehead and seconded by Mr. Bailey agreed to pay Post Office £310.40 for Stamps, Wye Media £200.50 re printing costs, Mrs. R. Hitchen £200 re editing and design work all in relation to Neighbourhood Plan; M.J. Prince £103 re part of invoice for electrical installation of Defibrillator; Llangarron Village Hall £144, Llangrove Village Hall £50 and Llangrove Academy £48 all for hire charges.

Llangrove Bus Shelter

Leave in abeyance – awaiting progress report from Scouts.

Llangarron BT Payphone

Clerk had been notified Contract being prepared – leave in abeyance.

Llangarron Village Map                   

Clerk reported that Mr. Mark Taylor of Llangarron intended to incorporate map into the BT phone box once the adoption completed.

Annual Parish Meeting

Councillors reminded that this would take place on Tuesday, 21st March, 2017 at Llangarron Village Hall at 7.30 p.m.

Correspondence Received

Letter received from Much Birch Surgery regarding Good Neighbour Scheme they were hoping to set up.  Noted no Councillors available to attend event.

Q & A’s to Ward Councillor

Elissa had extended her apologies, but had asked that any queries be either e mailed or telephoned through to her.

Any Other Business

Yellow Lines outside Llangrove Academy – Mr. Jones reported that these were now almost nonexistent.  Clerk to liaise with David Atkinson to see if he could get them redone.

Dog Fouling – Mrs. Fisher reported that this issue was becoming serious again and queried whether she could buy some appropriate stickers with Footpath money.  All in agreement.

Waste Management – Mr. Hitchen had gone through the Hfds. Council Consultation and had completed same.  He detailed his comments to the meeting.  Mr. Hitchen was thanked for his work.

There being no further business, the Meeting was closed by the Chair at 9.35 p.m.

The date of the next Meeting to be Tuesday, 28th March, 2017 at 8.00 p.m. at Llangarron Village Hall.