Minutes 29th May 2018


Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council held on
Tuesday 29th May 2018 at 7.30 pm in Llangarron Village Hall

Councillors: Paul Bailey, Barbara Fisher, Adrian Hitchen, Terry Thomas, Paul Lodge, Andy McRobb, Stewart Morehead, Judy Turner, Liz Wright.
In attendance: Lynda Wilcox … HALC Admin Cover and 58 local residents.

1. Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman

1.1 Stewart Morehead was unanimously elected as Chairman.
1.2 Andrew McRobb was unanimously elected as Vice Chairman.

2. Apologies for absence … There were none. It was noted that an election had been requested to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Michael Jones.

3. Declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation … None declared.

4. Open Discussion

4.1 A verbal report from Ward Councillor Elissa Swinglehurst included:
4.1.1 A written report had been sent to the parish council that morning and also to the village newsletter.
4.1.2 NDPs carried some planning weight when they had gone through Regulation 16 and full weight once ‘made’ i.e. having been through a formal referendum.
4.1.3 Many parishes were experiencing local difficulties during the compilation of their NDP.
4.1.4 The minimum housing allocation for Llangarron had been decided by Herefordshire Council, not Llangarron Parish Council, back in 2011.
4.1.5 Councillor Swinglehurst was now a Cabinet Member of Herfordshire Council with a brief for children.
4.1.6 £5.1m had been invested in a school in South Wye.

4.2 Views of local residents on parish matters:

4.2.1 In response to a query as to whether the election of a chairman could have been postponed to enable the imminent new councillor to participate. Lynda Wilcox responded that the Chairman had to be elected at the May meeting.
4.2.2 Congratulations were given on the circular mentioned in 8.2 below which had already been circulated to some households.
4.2.3 A request was made for parish council information to be included in the Llangrove Links magazine and it was noted that discussions had already been held with the editor.
4.2.4 Information would also be published in the Llangarron newsletter circulated by the LCA.
4.2.5 It was clarified that a draft document outlining NDP matters had been circulated mischievously within Llangarron purporting to have been agreed by the parish council. This was not the case and local residents had been misled unnecessarily.

5. Minutes of Parish Council meetings held on:

5.1 24th April 2018.
5.2 10th May 2018.

It was RESOLVED to adopt the above two sets of minutes.

6. Working group membership for 2018/19

6.1 It was RESOLVED to set up one working group for Finance. The members would be: Chairman – Stewart Morehead, Andrew McRobb and Paul Lodge.

7. Finance

7.1 It was RESOLVED to pay for HALC Admin Cover for the meeting @ £150 + mileage.

Item 7.2 was deferred to the next meeting.

7.2 Audit 2017/18 … deferred to the next meeting.
7.2.1 Consideration of Internal Auditor’s Report.
7.2.2 Consideration of the Annual Governance Statement.
7.2.3 Adoption of the accounts for 2017/18.
7.2.4 Completion of an exemption certificate for external audit.
7.3 It was RESOLVED to pay hire costs of £90 for the use of Llangrove Academy on the following dates: 4.5.17, 25.7.17, 30.1.18, 20.3.18, 10.4.18.
7.4 It was RESOLVED to pay hire costs for Llangarron Village Hall in the sum of £150.00.
7.5 Quotations for annual insurance cover from 1st June 2018 … the parish council’s insurers, AON were no longer dealing with parish council business and had passed all their customers on to BHIB, insurers recommended by NALC. It was RESOLVED to take out an annual policy with BHIB in the sum of £1247.68.
7.6 Cost and dates for deployment of village freighter … The Chairman explained that for a fee of £400, a freighter parked at the Village Hall and local residents were able to dispose of their bulky household waste items. It was RESOLVED to continue to use the freighter service and to publicise the dates it would be in situ, so that local residents did not miss out.

8. Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)

8.1 It was RESOLVED to appoint Kirkwells as planning consultants for the final phase of the NDP.
8.2 Members endorsed the content of a clarification circular for delivery to all parish households.
8.3 A date for the next Extraordinary Parish Council/NDP Meeting would be agreed once Kirkwells had gone through the paperwork which had been returned by Data Orchard that morning.

9. Planning

9.1 Application 181376 … Ty Carreg, Llangarron Road, Llangarron. Proposed change of use from office to holiday accommodation. It was RESOLVED to support the application.
9.2 Application P181877/XA2 … The Long House, Llanwrithy, Llangrove. Application for the discharge of details reserved by Condition 3 attached to planning permission 174324. The discharge of conditions was noted.
9.3 Application P181683/L … Trereece House, Llangarron. Proposed internal alterations including removing staircase. It was RESOLVED to support the application.

10. Lengthsman Scheme

10.1 No report was available from the Lengthsman. It was RESOLVED to pay the Lengthsman for works carried out in the sum of £983.58.
10.2 Work to be undertaken by the Lengthsman … no work was identified but it was RESOLVED to continue to give the current Lengthsman any new work until the process at 10.3 below had been undertaken.
10.3 Quotes for the Lengthsman contract 2018/19 would be considered at the next meeting. The current Lengthsman had been informed that good practice required the parish council to compare quotes and award the contract on an annual basis.

11. Footpaths

11.1 It was RESOLVED that Barbara Fisher should continue in the role of Footpaths Officer (FPO) for 2018/19.
11.2 Work required on footpaths … It was noted that a lot of signage was down. It was suggested that a footpaths map be displayed in the parish. The FPO held the parish council footpaths map and it was RESOLVED laminate a copy of that map for public display.
11.3 In line with good practice, members RESOLVED to seek quotes from three contractors for footpaths work around the parish during 2018/19 as well as encourage volunteers to assist.

12. General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

12.1 To consider draft policies for display on the website.

13. ‘Information Items’ … Community Payback Scheme.

14. Date of the next scheduled meeting … Tuesday 26th June 2018 at Llancloudy.

A resolution was passed to exclude the public for the following confidential items.

15. Employment Matters:

15.1 Members received an update and RESOLVED to follow legal advice on matters relating to the outgoing Clerk.
15.2 Members received an update on the recruitment of a new Clerk.