Minutes 30th May 2017

A meeting of Llangarron Parish Council was held on Tuesday, 30th May at Llangarron Village Hall at 8.00pm with Miss Sarah Cooper in the chair.


Present at the meeting were Councillors Bailey, Cooper, Fisher, Hitchen, Jones, Morehead, Wright and Thomas.

Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Bainbridge, Joseph, and Turner.

Election of Officers

Councillor Cooper was re-elected as Chairman. Proposed by Councillor Fisher and seconded by Councillor Bailey. Councillor Cooper signed her Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

Councillor Fisher was elected Vice Chairman. Proposed by Councillor Cooper and seconded by Councillor Bailey

Accounts Presentation

The accounts were presented for the year ending 31st March, 2017. These were passed after a discussion which highlighted a misunderstanding of presentation. This was resolved and were now ready to go to the auditor.

Public Participation

Four members of the public attended.

Firstly Mrs Lynne Gush of Boxbush Cottage around concerns in relation to her house sale.

Secondly, Anthony Fraser from Three Ashes updated Councillors on his plans to build houses on the Premier Plants Centre.

Localities Steward

David Atkinson was present at the meeting. He reported that the potholes issue on the road from Llangarron to the A49 would be addressed shortly. Grass cutting was underway at the road sides. As previously reported, the stone bridge on the Whitchurch to Llangarron road had been damaged: the cock and hen had been dislodged by vehicular impact and was being assessed for repair. The speed sign in Llangrove was at an angle and no longer working. Councillor Bailey is taking action to resolves the issues.

Ward Councillor

Elissa Swinglehurst reported on Hereford’s City of Culture bid. She then noted that the cut-off date for the Neighbourhood Plan proposals was 2018 but that Llangarron Parish’s steering committee was well advanced in their work. Another meeting of this committee has been scheduled for Tuesday, 6th June to discuss the public response to the proposals following the public meeting held on 4th May. Councillor Wright asked why development for affordable housing was only required for estates and not individual plots. Ward Coluncillor Swinglehurst stated that this was only a requirement for development of 10 or more houses.

Declarations of interest

None were noted.

Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes of previous meeting held on 18th April at Llangrove village hall were approved and signed off by Councillor Cooper, chairman.


An application was received on 26th May from Mr Chris Harris to raise the existing roof of Llangrove village hall and create two new extensions. There being too little time for all councillors to consider the proposals, the clerk was instructed to contact Herefordshire Council’s planning department to request an extension beyond 16th June to after the next Parish Council meeting scheduled for 27th June at Llancloudy chapel.


The accounts were passed. Proposed by Councillor Jones, seconded by Councillor Thomas; Councillor Cooper signed them as accurate.

The neighbourhood plan steering committee has requested the sum of £23 to purchase a copy of the electoral roll. This being agreed and was proposed by Councillor Jones and seconded by Councillor Thomas; renewal of HALC subscription of £679.73 agreed, proposed by Councillor Fisher and seconded by Councillor Wright; the Parish insurance policy with AON had become due and was renewed at a cost of £1,208.26 proposed by Councillor Wright and seconded by Councillor Thomas; The increase in petty cash to £30 was agreed and this was proposed by Councillor Morehead and seconded by Councillor Wright; the purchase of the 10th edition of Local Council Administration was agreed to replace the sixth edition owned by the parish council and which is now out of date. This was at a concessionary price of £92. This was proposed by Councillor Morehead and seconded by Councillor Hitchen.

Cheque signatories

It was agreed to replace the previous clerk, Mrs. Jenny Bailey, as a cheque signatory with two further signatories. Councillors Wright and Bailey were approved as signatories. It was agreed to have four signatories with any two Councillors able to sign Parish Council cheques.

Bus shelter, Llangrove

A decision from Chris Harris of the Whitchurch and Llangrove Cub & Scout Group is still awaited.

BT Payphone kiosk

A contract is still awaited from BT to adopt the unused payphone kiosk in Llangarron.


Herefordshire Council have sent two emails. Firstly Paul Crumpton (rural, business & cyber crime reduction co-ordinator) Herefordshire, West Mercia police have sent advice on how to be vigilant at a time of the threat level being increased by HM Government to the highest critical level in respect to the protection of staff and premises. As the Parish Council only has one part-time employee and no premises of its own it was felt that no further action should be taken. Secondly an email has been received from Herefordshire Council. This is a consultation information regarding the proposed PSPO (dog control) during the period from 23rd May to 5th July. The clerk was requested to copy this in to Councillors.

Any other business

Councillor Wright  asked that responses received from the Neighbourhood Planning consultation should be acknowledged. However the Council felt that, as this was a consultation exercise and it is not usual practice to respond individually, this should be left until the consultation process is finalised and the steering group’s decisions arrived at prior to a referendum which would involve all local residents.

Councillor Wright also raised a concern the minutes had not reflected the point she had made at the last meeting, that her input to the public meeting had not been adequately recorded. She had commented on the lack of closeness between parish residents and the parish council – asking residents to attend the monthly meetings to talk to councillors of their concerns about the NP proposals. The Chair advised that it was a summary of the key planning concerns only. Councillor Wright advised that minutes should contain all the key points raised and not be excessively selective.

Councillor Jones then requested that the clerk write to David Atkinson regarding the deterioration of the painted yellow lines outside Llangrove School and to request re-painting of the same.

Councillor Wright offered to assist the footpaths officer, Councillor Fisher with footpaths.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.35pm.