Minutes 30th October 2017

A meeting of Llangarron Parish Council was held on Monday, 30th October, 2017 at Christ Church, Llangrove at 8.00pm with Councillor Fisher in the chair.


Present at the meeting were Councillors  Jones, Fisher, Hitchen, Joseph, Lodge, Morehead, Thomas, Turner & Wright.  Twenty eight members of the public were present.

Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Bailey and Bainbridge.

SECTION 1.  Planning applications received since last Parish Council meeting
1. Public Participation

No members of the public spoke regarding the two applications.

2.  Planning applications

Application No. 173762 – Mapps Pool House, Llangrove. Comments by 16th November


  1. The  Parish Council support this application as the construction of the extension complies with HOU4.
  2. Provides a high standard of design and sustainability
  3. Retention of hedges.
  4. Adequate parking and ability to leave the site in forward gear TRA1.
  5. Does not result in unacceptable road risk.

Application No. 173810 – The Stone Barn, Green Acres, Three Ashes. Comments by 16th November.

Declarations of interest from Councillors Hitchen and Turner regarding this application.


The Parish Council support this application. HOU10 The separation of the agricultural stone barn to create an individual dwelling will retain and reuse an existing old building and the demolition of the metal barn will enhance the overall appearance.

SUS1: Protects and enhances the environment, promoting local distinctiveness and contributing to the attractive character of the area.

SECTION 2.  Neighbourhood Plan
3.  Feedback on process and update on current progress by Dave Chivers, Chairman of Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Dave Chivers reported on the housing allocations previously suggested and the changes since the Consultation between February and March 2017 and the Public Meeting on 4th May 2017.

He explained the options for the land opposite the Royal Arms, Llangrove:

Option 1. To develop the site with ¾ houses.

Option 2. To develop the whole site with possibly approximately 10 houses.

Option 3. Not to develop ant part of the site.

He pointed out that the last option could be affected as it had been identified in the Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment. (SHLAA)

Another topic was the condition of the road U71224 between Llangrove and Whitchurch. Currently the Community Infrastructure Levy is unclear, planning is constantly under review.

Elissa Swinglehurst, Ward Councillor, commented and she explained SHLAA sites. Once plan adopted carries full weight alongside the core strategy. If a site came forward which was a SHLAA it would be assessed against both. The land owner could still apply for planning consent and it would be judged accordingly with the SHLAA and the Neighbourhood Plan when it has passed through the referendum stage.

4.  Public participation (15 minutes)

As this was a contentious issue a little more time was allowed for points raised.

Members of the Public Spoke;

  • Generally they were concerned that progress was slow and feedback not good enough.
  • Peter Nottage welcomed the three options in the Steering Group Report.
  • Andrew McRobb said get it done as soon as possible your focus needs to be on completing the Neighbourhood Plan.
  • Martin Vine said we need to protect the pub and the church.
  • Ian Alexander said got to have a plan, no choice, get going and complete it.
  • Valery Jacombs asked have you made any other changes to the plans i.e.

Concerning agriculture and Employment, particularly for larger scale farms, as that section appears weak?

  • Andrew McRobb encouraged employment and live work units, much more emphasis on this needed.
  • Helen Orlac? Why did we not communicate on facebook as many people do?

Meeting closed to the public.

Chairman explained reports submitted by Mr and Mrs Everard had only just been handed to the meeting, agreed to defer to next meeting for discussion.

5.  Chairman acknowledged:
  • That facebook and Social media were the way that some people communicated but there was no way the Parish Council and the Steering Group were going to submit themselves to the abuse they had once experienced regarding the Neighbourhood Plan.
  • Parish Council would continue to use the Llangarron Parish Council website http://llangarronpc.co.uk/ the Llangarron and Llangrove Newsletters and noticeboards at Llangarron, Llangrove and Three Ashes.
  • That communication had not been as frequent or detailed as it could have been, the Steering Group is meeting with Data Orchard on 1st November and will discuss how to improve.

This time choices would be posted up but any comments must be in writing.

Email to llangarronpc@tiscali.co.uk 

or by post to Neighbourhood Plan, Pyrus Cottage, Llangrove, HR9 6EN


6.  Public participation ended to allow Councillors to discuss any possible amendments to the Neighbourhood Plan.


7.  Sites outside the villages

Three Ashes – Premiere Nursery – 5 houses (allocated for Commercial but no business came forward. As brownfield site Parish Council accepted a cluster of houses. It was RA2 borderline.

Decision: Planning Application submitted and waiting for Herefordshire Planning determination.


Langstone Court buildings – Hfd considered this should not be an identified site but alluded to only (Future)

Decision: Councillors accepted this as we have above our numbers for new houses.


Tredunnock – existing cluster add 4 houses

Decision: Deferred – a lot of discussion as the site is outside the boundary drawn for Llangarron Village. The Council considered it appeared logical. Ward Councillor Elissa considered there had to be firm justification, which Councillors and Steering Group would have to check.


8.  Llancloudy

Merediths Farm – max 5 houses on Chapel side and on opposite side max 4 houses both sites should have access on side roads not the A466

Decision: The two sites were acceptable as they were within Llancoudy Village. The question arose, why is there no village boundary? The village is linear and scattered so difficult to define clearly, we would ask the Steering Group to have another look at the boundary.


9.  Three Ashes

Approval for 2 houses

Decision: Houses have approval and are under construction.


Proposal for 5 Houses almost opposite those under construction.

Decision: These create infill and are considered an appropriate number helping to define the village. The question arose why, is there no village boundary? The village is linear and scattered so difficult to define clearly, we would ask the Steering Group to have another look at the boundary.


10.  Llangarron

2 houses near church.

Decision: Houses have approval from Herefordshire Planning


Herbert’s Hill between Potacre and the Old Vicarage – potential for 3 or 4 Houses

Decision: Councillors considered this site to be appropriate for 3 /4 houses as it was close to the group of Houses at Herbert’s Hill. The question arose, why not encompass in the Llangarron Village boundary? Herbert’s Hill is a small group of houses separate from the village but within walking distance. Councillors asked the Steering Group to have another look at how clusters of houses are defined.

Site by Farr Cottages considered a good option for 5 houses

Decision: Councillors had seen a presentation at the October Meeting and had been unclear as to the exact positioning on the site. They agreed that 5 houses were more suitable than the 8 proposed in the presentation and that the boundary should be as originally, a strip down the private road.  This was to maintain a more open feel, not to overdevelop the site. Councillors considered it appropriate to use the existing drive, subject to highways approval.


11.  Llangrove

Side of Royal Arms 6 houses.                          Decision: Development completed three occupied.


Lavender Cottage 3 houses one occupied.       Decision: Development completed one occupied.


Corner opposite Lavender Cottage 1 house     Decision: Development completed house occupied


Tretaudy (Tretawdy) Cottage 2 houses            Decision: Development completed two occupied.

Alamayar House site, 1 house under construction.    Decision: Development under construction.

Adjacent to Baytree 18 houses

Decision:  Originally suggested for 15 houses but after much consultation with residents and public consultation, the Steering Group and Parish Council agreed to extend the field boundary and allow 18 houses. Considered a well thought out plan which would add to the village in design and mixture of houses, including 7 houses as affordable with help to buy and the remaining 11 houses of varying sizes. Several Councillors were very much in favour of the seven affordable houses as this was a clear need in the original questionnaire.

Planning Application submitted and waiting for Herefordshire Planning determination.


Opposite Royal Arms (Originally 10 houses)

Decision:    Steering Group initially considered 10 houses but with increase of three at Baytree and potential in other villages, could now consider less. Steering Group still undecided but one possibility is to develop half the site with 5 houses. The site was identified in Herefordshire’s Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment. (SHLAA) and has potential, in the future, for Herefordshire to put this into action.

Decision: After a robust debate Councillors were divided regarding a decision and it was agreed, that after consultation with Data Orchard, a list of options would be posted for written comment.

12.  Councillors vote:

Had  generally voted in favour of the suggestions in the different settlements, with some going back to the Steering Group for further consideration and suggestions posted regarding land Opposite Royal Arms for written comment to enable the decision to be finalised by the Steering Group and the Parish Council.

13. Future process

Steering Group and Data Orchard to implement decisions, consider areas that are unclear; feedback to the Parish Council; to update the Neighbourhood Plan in preparation for examination by Herefordshire Council and external examiners before the end of February; then on to referendum.

Meeting closed at 9:20pm.

The next Parish Council meeting is at 8:00pm on Tuesday 28th November at Llangarron Village Hall.