Minutes 30th September 2014

A Meeting of Llangarron Parish Council was held on Tuesday, 30th September, 2014 at Llangrove Academy at 8.30 p.m. with Mr. P.J. Bailey in the Chair.

Present at the Meeting were Councillors Bailey, Cooper, Fisher, Hayward, F.J. Lane, G.E. Lane, Morehead and Phillips. Also in attendance for part of the meeting was Locality Steward for the area, Mr. David Atkinson and there was 1 member of the public present.

Apologies of absence were received from Hfds. Ward Councillor for Llangarron Mrs. J. Hyde and Councillors Brewer, Chamberlain and Jones.


No items raised.

Declaration of Interest

P.J. Bailey – Discussion re Planning Application P142435/F – Littlefields, Llangarron and payment of Clerks Salary.
F.J. Lane – Discussion re Planning Application P142435/F – Littlefields, Llangarron and P142269/F (Amended Plans) Tretawdy Cottage, Llangrove.
L. Phillips – Discussion re Planning Application P142435/F – Littlefields, Llangarron.

Minutes of the last Meeting

The Minutes of the Meetings held on 29th July, and 26th August 2014 having been previously circulated, were taken as read, confirmed and signed as a true and correct record by the Chairman.

Matters Arising

Planning Decisions:

P141555/F – Proposed Double Carport and proposed detached two storey 2 no. Bedroom accommodation for elderly relatives with storage facilities and gymnasium at Tre Evan House, Llangarron, Ross on Wye, Hfds. for Mr. T. Bird. Planning Permission Refused.
P142105/CU – Conversion of barns to two new residential dwellings at Barns at Little Trewen Farm, Whitchurch, Ross on Wye, Hfds. Prior Approval not Required.
P141720/F – Removal of conditions 4, 9, 10, 11 and variation of condition 15 of Planning Application DCSE2006/0052/F at Tre Essey Barns, Three Ashes, Hfds. for Mr. G. Williams. Planning Permission Granted with Conditions.
Planning Enforcement:
Tre Evan House, Llangarron – Advice had been received from Planning Office that as property no longer being offered for sale, they would not be pursuing matter.

Other Matters:

No items raised.

Highways  Old Matters:

Up Dates – Locality Steward – The Clerk had made contact with Mr. Atkinson, newly appointed Locality Steward and he would address the Council later in meeting. Hedgerow at Llancloudy – Clerk had taken this up with Mr. Atkinson who had replied that visibility was sufficient for 30 mph speed limit. Clerk advised that she had received telephone call from Dr. Goulden of Llancloudy stating that hedge had been cut and enquired as to who was going to remove trimmings. Mrs, Hayward confirmed that she had cut hedge and trimmings had been removed that day, in order that bulb planting could take place. The residents of Llancloudy had planted 4000 daffodil bulbs. Grass Cutting – Now completed. Drain adjacent to Little Bernithan Farm – Mr. Atkinson had spoken with landowner, Mr. Whittall, and was now awaiting a visit of machinery from Balfour Beatty which would be able to identify exact cause of blockages and then rectify. Hedge at Ridgeway Crescent – Clerk had written to Whitchurch Parish Council and reply received that they had taken up with Housing Association. New Access at A466 – Clerk advised that over summer months a new access had been created directly on to A466 at Hill Farm, Llancloudy. This had been immediately taken up with Planning Enforcement who had ordered that the access be closed off with immediate effect as it was unacceptably dangerous. Councillors voiced their disappointment that residents in Llancloudy had not reported this issue.
Parish Lengthsman – The Clerk reported that first three quarters Grant received in the sum of £2,848.50. The Chairman advised that he and Mr. G.E. Lane had carried out a survey of all roads and were requesting quote from Mr. T. Griffiths.
Mr. D. Atkinson, Locality Steward – Mr. Atkinson advised that he had previously worked for Monmouth County Council for 39 years and had worked his way up covering most aspects of road works. He had also served on Garway Parish Council for 16 years and so was able to see problems from both sides. He explained what his role would entail and that he would be the Parish Councils point of contact. He wants to work with both Parish Council and Lengthsman to avoid duplicating work. Agreed to send copies of instructions given to Parish Lengthsman through to Mr. Atkinson. He also suggested that he covered 18 Parish Councils and would like to arrange group meetings to gather feedback. He indicated that they wanted to identify problem spots and try to resolve before matters escalated and the Councillors suggested that he started with flooding in Llangarron. Following discussion on this he agreed to meet Chairman and Mr. Lane at Llangarron Bridge on Tuesday 7th October at 2.00 pm to look into ways of alleviating flooding. Clerk to advise Mr. Briggs, landowner of ground affected. The matter of reclassifying Llangrove road was raised together with speeding through the Village and he suggested that both items were referred to Mr. Graham Hornsby at Balfour Beatty.

Highways New Matters

Report from Clerk re seminar attended at Balfour Beatty – Clerk advised that Parish Councils were advised to put in bigger Precepts to give Parish Lengthsman more scope for works such as verge cutting, ditch clearing and pot hole repairs. Balfour Beatty had requested list of Grit Bins required and advised that Parish Lengthsman and PP3 Scheme to be combined. There was a possibility that Parish Lengthsman would be instructed to carry out pot hole repairs. Balfour Beatty were going to investigate trenches which sunk in roads following works carried out by Water authority, BT, etc. and also trees which were overgrown and blocking signage.
Salt Bins – agreed to request 2 bins to be placed from Stoney Bridge through to Llangarron, 1 bin at the Llannocks, 2 bins from Llangarron to Treducchan, 1 bin at Trereece and 1 Bin at Langstone Farm complex.
Bollards at Symonds Trewen, Whitchurch – Clerk advised that local residents were concerned about metal work which had been placed around blue bins across the entrance drive at this property. Clerk to e mail details to Mr. Atkinson who would investigate.
Road Repairs – Mr. F.J. Lane queried why some roads had received tarmac repairs and other roads chipping repair. Mr. Atkinson clarified in stating that where complete retarmac had taken place, this was because road was beyond repair and where chippings laid, this was to prolong life of a road.
Hedges – Mr. Atkinson advised that hedges that were overgrown were going to be sorted and asked that details of problem areas were forwarded to Balfour Beatty who would serve notice on offenders.
Pot Holes – Reported Collinsbill to Solomons Cottage, Llangarron Court road, Herberts Hill to Panbrook and road leading from Llangrove Academy to the Elms Crossroads. Clerk to report.
The Chairman thanked Mr. Atkinson for his time and concluded that hopefully the Parish Council could develop a good working relationship with him. Mr. Atkinson withdrew from meeting.


EnviroAbility – Clerk confirmed that Invoice for £259.75 had been paid as agreed at last meeting.


Planning Applications

Letter from Hfds. Council re E-Consultation – it was noted that as of 1st November, 2014 all paper copies of plans would cease. Miss Cooper agreed to download to her computer and bring to meetings.

P142269/F (Amended Plans) – Proposed construction of two detached dwellings with garages, new vehicular access and closure of existing access at Tretawdy Cottage, Llangrove, Ross on Wye, Hfds. for Messrs. Collins Design and Build. The Parish Council accept this application but have following reservations. Flooding in the adjacent lane has occurred for many years due to inadequate drainage. There should only be one shared access with a wider visibility splay. We are concerned over construction traffic in close proximity to the school. We would have welcomed smaller properties on this site.
P142435/F – Extension to existing holiday let unit at Littlefields Farm, Llangarron Ross on Wye, Hfds. for Mr. and Mrs. V. Jones. The Parish Council support this Application.

Neighbourhood Plan


The Clerk reported that meeting had taken place and Minutes of same had been circulated. The application for Grant had been accepted with a sum of £4,500 now in bank and a further £500 to come. She gave details of planned Consultation Event to be staged on 1st November and asked for more help on the day. At the proposal of Mrs. Fisher and seconded by Mr. F.J. Lane agreed to pay The Garron Centre £55 for hire of Centre for the event. Both Mr. Phillips and Mr. G.E. Lane voiced their opinion that Llangarron Village Hall should have been used and not The Garron Centre. The Clerk suggested that there would be Invoices to pay for Neighbourhood Event prior to next meeting and it was agreed that she should pay and report at next meeting.



Audit:  The External Audit had now been completed and report received back to the Clerk. She explained that the petty cash needed to be included in the return for next year. A copy of report had been placed on Notice Boards together with necessary conclusion of Audit Form. A fee of £120 had been charged by Grant Thornton and this had been paid in line with agreement at previous meeting.

Receipts: Clerk advised that 2nd half of Precept received in sum of £2,750.

Payments: At the proposal of Miss Cooper and seconded by Mr. F.J. Lane agreed to pay Clerks Salary for period from 1st July to 30th September, 2014 in the sum of £500 less £24.60 PAYE, giving total payable to Clerk of £475.40.

Review of Budget: Clerk had prepared review of Budget which was issued to all Councillors. It was agreed that spending was in line with what was budgeted for and that there would be money in hand as at 31st March next, mainly as a result of reclamation of VAT. The Clerk queried whether Fidelity Insurance should be increased from existing £8,000 to a higher figure in lieu of large sum being held. However Parish Councillors agreed not to do this.


Standing Orders/Finance Regs.

Clerk had now completely redone these following the model of HALC. It was agreed to e mail copy to all those on internet and subject to their approval both documents would be adopted at next meeting. The Clerk also suggested Code of Conduct should be updated and she would look into this.


Travellers Sites

Noted that Hfds. Council were conducting a consultation process and agreed that Councillors would respond individually. A response from the Parish Council would be more prevalent at the next stage.


Parish Freighter

Again well supported and hopefully would be repeated again next year.

Correspondence Received

Balfour Beatty – Newsletter, Resurfacing, Up Dates, Locality Steward.
HALC – Newsletter.
Hfds. Council – Transparency Code, Web Sites, Bin Deliveries, Electoral Registration.


Any Other Business

BT Telephone Box in Llangarron – Clerk reported that local resident had requested whether anything could be done to tidy up. Clerk to contact BT.

There being no further business, the Meeting was closed by the Chairman at 9.25 p.m.

The date of the next Meeting to be Tuesday, 28th October, 2014 at 8.00 p.m. at Llangarron Village Hall.