Minutes 5th September 2017

A meeting of Llangarron Parish Council was held on Tuesday, 5th September at Llangarron Village Hall with Councillor Fisher in the chair.  This was a special meeting to consider planning application with deadlines that fall in advance of the next scheduled meeting.


Present at the meeting were Councillors Bailey, Bainbridge, Fisher, Hitchen, Joseph, Morehead, Thomas, Turner and Wright

Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Jones and Ward Councillor Swinglehurst.

Declarations of interest

Received from Councillors Bailey, Morehead, Joseph and Hitchen.

Planning applications considered

Application No. 171641 –  Land adjacent Jessamine Cottage off Main Street, Llangrove: Proposed erection of 18 new homes with new access off Main Street, Llangrove.


After a lively public participation session attended by approximately 30 members of the public and Tom Aylmer, the developer, councillors voted in favour of this development with the following conditions:

  1. Application approved with the condition that no higher density than 18 is built on the site and that there is traffic management of construction vehicles (e.g. to avoid peak times).
  2. For pedestrian safety, it is strongly recommended that unobtrusive traffic calming is created in the village in consultation with Herefordshire Council.
  3. For safety of increased traffic, it is requested Herefordshire Council seriously consider adequate passing places on the Whitchurch to Llangrove road.

Application No. 172809 –  Site adjacent Brook Farm, Llancloudy: Proposed development of 2 new dwellings.


Councillors voted in favour of this application noting that it was less intrusive to have developments in small clusters.

Application No. 172419 –  Trecilla Court, Llangarron: Two proposed dwellings with detached garages (amended house types to previous approval 150650/F).


Councillors deferred a decision until the next meeting scheduled for 26th September, 2017 in order to compare the plans of the earlier application with the current one.

Application No. 172668 –  Land adjacent to The Butts, Llangarron: Proposed 3 bedroom detached house.


Councillors approved this application with conditions. They recommended that the house be sited further away from its neighbour, Lower Butts, and that sufficient drainage of water run-off from the road and from the field opposite is facilitated by making the driveway permeable. It is understood that the applicant has subsequently made changes to the plans following a discussion with Herefordshire Council. Determined on 12th September.

Application No. 172787 –  Land at The Old Pound, Llangarron: Proposed removal of barn and replacement with two bedroom house.

Decision: No objection to this application..

Application No. 173032 –  Littlecote, Llangarron: Proposed alterations and extension.

Decision: No objection to this application..


At the end of the meeting the clerk obtained signed cheques in favour of the clerk for £56.41 (for expenditure incurred with Viking Direct for two invoices for stationery); to HALC for £360 (for two invoices for three training sessions for the clerk); to Herefordshire Council for £395 (for parish freighter service); and BT Payphones £1 (for purchase of the telephone kiosk in Llangarron).


There being no further business the meeting was closed by the chair at 10:00pm.