Minutes Extraordinary Meeting 10th April 2018

Minutes of an Extraordinary Meeting of the Parish Council held on
Tuesday 10th April 2018 at 7.00 pm in Llangrove Academy
Neighbourhood Development Plan

Councillors: Barbara Fisher, Adrian Hitchen, Paul Lodge, Andrew McRobb, Stewart Morehead, Julie Scotford, Terry Thomas, Judy Turner.

In attendance
Lynda Wilcox – HALC … Admin Cover.
Eleven members of the public.

1. Election of a Chairman for the meeting
It was unanimously RESOLVED to elect Stewart Morehead as Chairman for the meeting.

2. Apologies for absence were received from:
2.1 Paul Bailey.
2.2 Liz Wright.

3. Declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation … There were none.

4. Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)
4.1 Taking stock of the current stage of the NDP… Councillor McRobb outlined the current stage of the NDP to those present.

4.2 A presentation was given by Councillor McRobb, including maps of the current and proposed settlement boundaries for the NDP:

4.3 An outline of the parish council’s proposed way forward to Regulation 16 was given:
4.3.1 Bring the NDP process within the auspices of full parish council meetings by:
a) Holding Extraordinary monthly or more frequent meetings of the Parish Council specifically for NDP matters, badged as PC/NDP Extraordinary Meetings.
b) Ensuring that the public session at each PC/NDP Extraordinary Meeting was extended to allow full input from local residents.

4.4 Views of local residents … OPEN SESSION:
4.4.1 Local residents posed questions about the current and proposed boundaries for the different areas of the parish.

4.4.2 The concept of increased input by local residents was appreciated.

4.4.3 The proposals put forward in the presentations above were broadly supported.

4.5 It was RESOLVED to apply for a further NDP grant.

4.6 Planning consultancy services from now until the completion of the plan … It was RESOLVED to approach new planning consultants to take the NDP through its final phase.

4.7 Next steps towards completion of the NDP …

5. Planning … Comments on an application for determination by Herefordshire Council:
5.1 Application P180905/F … Yew Tree House, Llangrove: Application for variation of condition 2 of planning permission P163815/F.
It was RESOLVED to support the application.

6. Date of the next scheduled meeting: Tuesday 24th April at 8.00 pm at Llangrove Academy.