Minutes July 31st 2018


Minutes of a Parish Council meeting held on
Tuesday 31st July 2018 at 7.30 pm at Llangrove Academy

Councillors Present
Councillors: Stewart Morehead (Chairman), Andy McRobb, Paul Bailey, Barbara Fisher, Adrian Hitchen, Judy Turner, Paul Lodge & Terry Thomas

In attendance: Kath Greenow … HALC Admin Cover, twelve residents and Ward Cllr Elisa Swinglehurst.

1. Apologies for absence were accepted from Liz Wright.

2. Declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation.

Cllr Bailey declared a non-DPI on agenda item 6.1 HALC admin cover as the cover clerk was related to him.
Cllr Hitchen declared a DPI on agenda item 8.4 planning application P182541.
Cllr Paul Lodge declared a non-DPI on agenda item 8.4 planning application P182541

3. Acceptance of office form to be signed by Newly Elected Councillor

The newly elected Cllr Elizabeth Dingsdale signed the acceptance of office form.
Cllr Dingsdale advised the clerk that she had completed her register of interests form and had sent this to Herefordshire Council’s Electoral Services Section, as required.

4. Open Discussion

4.1 Ward Councillor Elissa Swinglehurst reported:
4.1.1 Herefordshire Councils decision to choose the red route for the next section of the bypass.
4.1.2 A new protocol relating to Ofsted inspections in children’s services.
4.2 No parish matters were raised other than the parish council website needed updating.

5. Minutes of Parish Council meetings held on 29th May & 26th June

It was RESOLVED to approve and sign the above minutes.

6. Finance

6.1 It was RESOLVED to pay HALC Admin Cover for the meeting @ £150 + mileage.
6.2 Audit 2017/18:
6.2.1 The internal auditors report was considered and action items would be attended to at the next Parish Council meeting
6.2.2 It was RESOLVED to approve and sign the Annual Governance statement
6.2.3 It was RESOLVED to adopt the accounts for 2017/18
6.2.4 It was RESOLVED to complete the exemption certificate for external audit

7. Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)

7.1 The date for the extra ordinary PC/NDP meeting was noted as Tuesday 9th August 2018.

8. Planning … Parish Councillors commented on the following applications which would be determined by Herefordshire Council:

8.1 Application P182359 … Land at Little Trecilla, Langstone Lane (South) Llangarron. Proposed residential development of 2 new dwellings.
It was RESOLVED to support the application.

8.2 Application P182360…. Land at Little Trecilla Langstone Lane. Proposed residential dwelling
It was RESOLVED to support the application

8.3 Application P182391….. Morningside Llangrove. Proposed erection of a detached garage and associated landscaping and new driveway entrance.
It was RESOLVED to support the application and submit the following comment
The Parish Council recommends keeping the old entrance and that the new entrance is not required.

8.4 Application P 182541 … Land at Trecilla Court. Application for variation of condition 2 of Planning Permission P172419/F (two proposed dwellings with detached garages).To allow revisions to House.
It was RESOLVED to support the application.

9. Lengthsman Scheme

9.1 Signing of 2018/19 P3 Contract between Balfour Beatty and the Parish Council:
It was RESOLVED to sign the contract.
9.2 Work to be undertaken by the Lengthsman: No further work was identified at the present time.
9.3 Signing of 2018/19 contract between the Parish Council & Terry Griffiths Parish Lengthsman:
The signed contract had not yet been received from Terry Griffiths.

10. Footpaths

10.1 The footpaths officer circulated her footpaths report.
10.2 It was RESOLVED that when the quotes were received for works identified in the footpaths report, they would be considered by the parish council prior to any work being undertaken.

11. General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) … Approval of GDPR policies.

11.1 Privacy Notice (Staff & Cllrs).
11.2 General Privacy Notice.
11.3 Privacy Policy.
11.4 Access Policy.
11.5 Personal Data Management Audit Policy.
It was RESOLVED: to adopt the 5 policies and these would be placed on the website accordingly

12. ‘Information Items’ … There were no information items to note

13. Date of the next scheduled meeting … September 25th, 2018 Llangarron Village Hall 7.30pm

A resolution was passed to exclude the public due to confidential items to be discussed

14. Employment Matters:

14.1 Cllr Hitchen gave an update on employment matters relating to the outgoing clerk and it was RESOLVED to follow legal advice.
14.2 HALC would be consulting on possible interview dates for a new Clerk during the next week.

SIGNED ………………………………………… DATE …………………………………….