Minutes NDP Meeting 9th September 2019

Minutes of an NDP Parish Council Meeting held on
Monday 9th September 2019 in Llangarron Village Hall at 7.30 pm

Councillors: Sylvia Matthews (In the Chair), Elizabeth Dingsdale, John Joseph, Paul Lodge, Nick Saunders, Simon Wainewright, Neil Wheeler.
In attendance
Lynda Wilcox … Acting Clerk (HALC). Ward Councillor Elissa Swinglehurst.
53 members of the public.

The Chairman read a statement as to how the meeting would be conducted.
A formal vote of thanks was then accorded to recently resigned councillor Stewart Morehead who had worked tirelessly on behalf of the parish over a number of years.

1. Apologies for absence were received from Paul Bailey and John Norman.

2. Declarations of interest & written requests for dispensation
2.1 Neil Wheeler declared a DPI (Disclosable Pecuniary Interest) in item 4.1 and then left the meeting.
2.2 John Joseph declared a DPI in item 6.3.
2.3 Simon Wainewright declared a DPI in item 6.3.

3. HALC Clerk Cover for the meeting @ £150 + mileage
It was RESOLVED to access HALC Clerk Cover.

4. Neighbourhood Development plan
4.1 Draft AECOM report
4.1.1 Councillor Joseph commented that he had been expecting small sites of five dwellings or less to be identified, due to the current low level of dwellings in the parish. He was therefore concerned that the report contained a number of large sites which felt like new settlements and was not able to support the contents.
He emphasised that the NDP was for the parishioners and considered that the report was 18 months out of date and linear development within the parish was was still viable.

4.1.2 Councillor Wainewright agreed with some of the sentiments expressed by Councillor Joseph and commented that the report didn’t appear to have considered the current scenario of the parish. He felt that it had been right to seek an independent assessment of sites within the parish and the results were very interesting but possibly not helpful for the parish. The onus had been put back on Llangrove again and that was not sustainable in relation to what parishioners wanted.
4.1.3 Councillor Lodge commented that possibly parts of some fields could have been identified rather than whole fields. He mentioned that there were already 27 houses ready to be built in Llangrove.
4.1.4 Liz Dingsdale mentioned that two of the green and amber sites were in Llangrove which she felt was taking the hit.
4.1.5 Councillor Saunders felt that the majority of people in the parish did not want development on the scale of the AECOM report.
4.1.6 The Chairman commented that the report identified 6 sites suitable for development in Llangrove, 3 sites in Lancloudy and 2 sites in Llangarron which were given amber rather green status, which did appear to be front-loading development in some areas. Developers look at whether they can sell properties, but most parishioners felt that Llangrove was full already.
She suggested that as the parish was not desperate to find sites, it might be sensible to dismiss those identified as red in the report. Councillor Lodge responded that one of the red sites already had planning permission.

4.1.7 A local resident from Llangarron commented that he understood the target for new build had already been exceeded and he was concerned about the lack of local infrastructure to support additional development.
4.1.8 A resident thanked the parish council for publishing the AECOM report and the draft NDP on the website and commented that he had interpreted the report as giving the maximum number of houses possible on each site, not a prescriptive figure of what should be built.
4.1.9 There was a comment that the parish was originally looking at 13 additional homes and now the number had risen to 73 by 2031. The parish council was urged to go forward very cautiously, particularly because of the possible impact on current drainage facilities.
4.1.10 A further resident expressed concern about possible flooding because of inadequate drainage if anything other than very small-scale development was supported. He also commented that some developers did not comply with the conditions of their planning permission.
4.1.11 A resident commented that he supported the valid points already made but he recognised that the AECOM report was not something that the parish council was obliged to follow. He added that AECOM were obliged to consider all sites submitted to them but it was now up to the parish council to select the sites that they believe to be feasible and then go back to the public. He urged parishioners to consider the report as a tool rather than a burden.

4.1.12 A Llancloudy resident felt that the report had not considered road structure and road safety issues and development in accordance with the report would change Llancloudy from a small hamlet of 15 houses into a village. Approaching Llancloudy from the Monmouth direction, the junction was obscured by the chapel and the 40 mph speed limit was rarely abided by.
Furthermore, some of the AECOM report contents were not accurate because site 1 was not considered to be a flood risk but it had actually been flooded this year.
4.1.13 One resident felt that no further development was required in the parish and he urged the parish council not to extend the settlement boundaries but to go back to those identified in the original NDP. This view was supported by another resident from Llangrove.

4.1.14 Councillor Joseph commented that the residents had echoed his own thoughts – no more housing.
4.1.15 Councillor Dingsdale agreed with Councillor Joseph.
4.1.16 Councillor Saunders suggested that copies of the AECOM Report and the draft NDP be displayed at local venues such as the Garron Centre,
4.1.17 Councillor Wainewright agreed with the parishioner’s comment to use the report as a tool. The bulk of the sites put forward were in Llangrove but there was no reason to incorporate them all when going forward. Councillor Joseph agreed with this comment.
4.1.18 Councillor Lodge stressed the need to ensure the public could view the report in hard copy and agreed with Councillor Saunders that a copy should be left in the Garron Centre but also suggested that one be placed in the Llangarron Village Hall, with notices on the noticeboards, directing local residents to those venues. The Clerk would be asked to copy the document for display and request that comments from residents be sent direct to her, in readiness for future discussion.
4.1.19 In conclusion, the meeting was minded not to adopt the recommendations in the AECOM report but would make a final decision once the public had been given sufficient time to view the detailed report which would be made available at venues around the parish.

4.2 Amendments to the draft NDP
4.2.1 It was RESOLVED to accept all amendments from Kirkwells as outlined on the Table of Changes. Lead persons for drafting documents were identified as follows:
a) Page 9 3.13 … Liz Dingsdale and Nick Saunders to draft information describing Three Ashes.
b) Page 17 map … Clerk to check with Herefordshire Council that the map was the most up-to-date.
c) Page 18 … Liz Dingsdale and Simon Wainewright would draft appendix 2.
d) Page 21 7.19 … Sylvia Matthews would draft more detail about local character in liaison with the Chairman.


e) Page 27 … Sylvia Jones would ask the Clerk to put a statement on the website along the lines suggested by Kirkwells.
f) Page 39 11.5 … Simon Wainewright would draft a new paragraph.

4.2.2 Llangarron was always at the end but perhaps it should be Llangarron first and then Llangrove and Llancloudy.
4.2.3 Section 106 should apply to all development in the parish and this view was supported by another resident.
4.2.4 All green spaces in the parish should be identified and highlighted, including around Llangrove Church and the playing field and Llangarron Village Hall. There were also some important hedgerows in Three Ashes. They could then be photographed and included in the NDP.
4.2.5 There should be no further development in Llangrove and development in Llangarron should be in accordance with the size of the village. The size of Llancloudy and Three Ashes would not support development.
4.2.6 Statement 11.10 on page 40 is not deliverable rather than not available. We need to make comment on the type of property.
4.2.7 The re-written Section 9 needed to be put on the website.
4.2.8 In response to a query about the removal of wording on farm diversification from the tourist activity section, the Chairman commented that farm diversification was now included in another area of the NDP.

4.2.9 The Chairman commented that a draft policy on new agricultural buildings and poly tunnels had been drafted by Kirkwells and could be discussed at a future meeting, adopted and put on the website.
4.2.10 Councillor Wainewright felt that a referendum on the NDP was likely to take place in the Autumn of 2020.
4.2.11 In response to Councillor Wainewright’s suggestion to set up working groups to deal with different aspects of the NDP, the Chairman commented that individuals had been tasked to report back on specific tasks.

4.3 It was noted that updated HRA & SEA Reports would be produced by Herefordshire Council during October.

5. Open Discussion
5.1 Ward Councillor Elissa Swinglehurst reported that Herefordshire Council had declared a ‘Climate Emergency.

6. Planning
6.1 Planning Re-consultation – 191288 – Land at Oakland’s Paddock, Langstone Lane, Llangarron. Proposed erection of four dwellings and associated works:

6.1.1 The Acting Clerk reminded councillors that the previous parish council had supported the original application in May 2019 but had raised the concerns of local residents concerning traffic and increased risk along the lane.
6.1.2 Following detailed discussion by councillors and after listening to clarification from the applicant’s agent as well as the views of local residents who were present, it was RESOLVED to object to the application because councillors were not satisfied with the street scape or the height of the buildings.

6.2 Planning Re-consultation – 191276 – Land at Old Trecilla Buildings, Lower Herberts Hill, Llangarron, DESCRIPTION: Erection of three dwellings and associated works.
6.2.1 Following discussion by councillors and after listening to the views of local residents who were present, it was RESOLVED to support the application provided that the height of plot 1 was lowered.

In accordance with their declarations of interest at item 2 above, Councillors John Joseph and Simon Wainewright left the room.

6.3 Planning Consultation – 192618 – Treworgan Farmhouse, Llangrove, Ross-On-Wye, Herefordshire HR9 6HB DESCRIPTION: Extension to house biomass boiler. Retrospective application.
6.3.1 Following discussion by councillors and after listening to the views of local residents who were present, it was RESOLVED to support the application.

7. Finance
7.1 Updating of the Santander bank mandate signatories, by adding 2 new bank account signatories
7.1.1 Following discussion, it was RESOLVED that the following four councillors be bank signatories: Chairman (Paul Bailey), Vice Chairman (Sylvia Matthews), Councillor Nick Saunders and Councillor Simon Wainewright.

8. Date of the next meeting
It was RESOLVED that the next PC/NDP meeting would be held on Wednesday 16th October at a venue yet to be agreed.
8.1.1 The Chairman commented that the NDP settlement boundaries would be the main topic of discussion at the next PC/NDP meeting on 16th October.

A resolution was passed to exclude the public from the following confidential item

9. Employment
9.1 Members discussed all aspect concerning the employment of a new Clerk/RFO and RESOLVED to access HALC’s recruitment service at a cost of £200.