2 thoughts on “Three Ashes Proposed Development Boundary”

  1. Have the residents of Three Ashes been made aware of these proposals? Without a notice board or proactive engagement I suggest this is not a fair way to garner opinion. There must be reasonable consultation that is open to all especially at important stages like this. Every member of the parish and dwelling within it is as important as the next. The PC must be inclusive and take sufficient time to ensure adequate consultation.

  2. Llangarron Parish Boundaries, Green Spaces, Hedgerows, Verges and footpaths-16 Oct ‘19

    Firstly I would thank all those involved in producing these and please accept my notes as comments and not criticism of the effort or time put in to produce them.

    As a general comment I note that the title for a number of the plans is the ‘settlement boundary’ however the key on all of the plans uses the phrase ‘development boundary’. Please can I ask if they are the same and if so can it be made clear that they are.

    Three Ashes Boundary
    I would like to congratulate those involved in this proposal for their efforts. This was another community without a designated settlement. I support the boundary for Three Ashes as proposed.


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